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age play stories are Dana's favorite

Age Play Stories; He Taught Me A Lot More Than Just About Math

Age Play Stories Can Be Very Hot Age play stories can be very hot, I know mine s...

losing my virginity

Losing My Virginity – You Won’t Believe How It Happened

Guys will call often and want to know the truth about how it happened. The topic...

daddy dom little girl

Daddy Dom Little Girl: My Newest Favorite Sex Kink

Daddy Dom Little Girl isn’t where I expected my kink to take me. When my k...

fearful teen virgin

Daddy’s Bad Step Daughter: A Fearful Teen Virgin – Part 7 ♕

Fearful Teen Virgin But then again, what if she actually was a virgin?  It woul...

Slutty Little Sister

Isn’t It Time You Taught Your Slutty Little Sister a Hard Lesson? I Dare You!

I’ll admit the truth right now; I’m your slutty little sister! IR...

Slut Training: My Daughter is the Best Little Cum-Guzzler

I Trained the Best Little Cum-Guzzler! What mother wouldn’t be proud that her ...

Daddy Dom Sharing

Daddy Dom Sharing Is a New Thing He Is Trying in Our Dungeon

Hal is my dom and I adore him and our fun together. He owns an amazing bookstore...

Naughty Teen Cuckoldress

I’m Ready To Be Your Naughty Teen Cuckoldress Tonight

You need a naughty teen cuckoldress. Admit it, you would love for me to be your ...

School of Sluts

School of Sluts-Because America Needs More Whores!

Yes, you read the title right babe. A little fact you may not know about your Se...

obedient teen slut

Daddy’s Bad Step Daughter: An Obedient Teen Slut – Part 6

Obedient Teen Slut My wicked teen whore gave the cutest little shriek. And the t...

teen only fans

Teen Only Fans: My Hot Little Following is in for a Treat!

I have always wanted to use my hot little body to gain a following. I figured th...

Milf Next Door

Milf Next Door: What’s that you say, Mrs. Robinson?

Milf next door. That wouldn’t be the kindest way to describe her I guess. ...

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