My First Rough Finger Fuck


Sometimes when I’m alone in bed, a vivid memory comes rushing in. Bringing me back to when I was fifteen and my first Rough Finger Fuck from a stranger. Prior to that event, my Aunt had sent me a plane ticket to visit her in New York.  It was a Christmas gift and it would be the first time I had ever traveled so far alone on a plane. Needless to say, I was excited but nervous nonetheless.

My Parents dropped me off at the airport,  but not before I was warned of bad men who would want to do something naughty to me.  After all, I was only fifteen and all alone at an airport. Not to mention, my bra size was a full C.  Once I was out of my parents ‘ sight, I quickly sat down and waited to board my plane.  In the meantime, there was a tall handsome older man, who was staring at me like he wanted to Rough Finger Fuck me and hide me in his basement.

Once, we boarded the plane, I felt comfortable and safe. I was beyond excited that  I had the seat right next to the window in the back.  Straightaway, I felt chilly.  I instantly regretted removing my coat and placing it above me in the overhead bin. Just then a stranger found his seat, right next to mine. At the same time as he was accommodating himself, I realized that he was the pervert who was staring at me earlier in the waiting area.

Have You Ever Had Someone Rough Finger Fuck You Before?

“Cold?” he asked, as he sized my body up from head to toe. “Ummm, I’m ok,” I answered feeling frozen and removed from the situation. Hence, I looked out the window not wanting to look his way. Nevertheless, he made sure to gain my attention. “Oh sorry, there’s no leg room.” The predator laughed, as he had purposely slammed his knee into my thigh. Given, that not even a flight attendant had checked on us, I was careful not to piss the stranger off. “It’s ok.” I trailed off, immediately looking back out the window.

By the time the plane was in mid-flight, I had fallen asleep.  All of a sudden, I was awakened by something heavy being placed on my legs. “You were shivering, so I asked for a blanket,” he said, as he strategically placed the heavy covering over my lap. In essence, I was grateful, being that it was so cold that I could feel my nipples pushing through my dress. “Thank You,” I said.

What If Someone Sees Us?

Instantly, I felt his hand go underneath my blanket. ” You’re very pretty. Have you ever had a man kiss your soft lips?” he whispered, as he discreetly began touching my pussy, below the blanket.  “No,” I said with fear.  Not before I could see his enormous bulge protruding through his pants. Next, he slid my panties to the side and began shoving his enormous fingers deep inside of me. ” Have you ever had someone Rough Finger Fuck you before?”

Immediately, I could feel warm liquid begin to softly fill my pussy.  Before I could answer him, he continued. ” You’re so wet, mmmm you like that I am giving you a  Rough Finger Fuck in your tight cunt don’t you?”  I looked at him desperately blushing, “What if someone sees us?.” I whispered.  Feeling the pleasure build up, as I struggled not to moan.  “Then be quiet and don’t make a mess baby.” He sinisterly smirked.


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