Forbidden Taboo Sex with a Stranger


The man that I am meeting for the first time tonight, is waiting for me in a suite on the second floor of a lavish hotel. The curiosity of wondering what it would be like to indulge in Forbidden Taboo Sex drew me to an online dating site for people who wanted to have sexual encounters with strangers. No ties, and no commitments. Just unadulterated Forbidden Taboo Sex.

Regardless of what people may think, having Forbidden Taboo Sex with a stranger is just what the doctor ordered. For someone like me, that is. Growing up without a father has given me an unquenchable desire, for  Daddy Daughter Kink. (I guess you can say I have Daddy issues)  For this reason, I have connected with a man who also has a Daddy Daughter fetish.  Another key point is that I’m only attracted to older men, that are dominant.

Slowly, I walked into the elevator thumbing through my cell in hopes that my real father whom I had recently connected with, had finally messaged me back. Suprisingly, he had answered my email and agreed to meet me for the first time, with his new wife, at this very hotel in the dining area.


You answered my ad in the Forbidden Taboo Sex section


Once the elevator brought me to my destination, I felt a wave of nausea come over me. It felt as though my heart would stop. What was I doing? In fact, he could be some crazed killer waiting for my arrival!  I paused in the doorway for a moment, my fingers gripped the door handle, and then I realized the pounding I heard was coming from my heart.  “Hello”, I said as I entered, pretending to stride confidently. “I’m Nia, it’s a pleasure to meet you”, I asserted.

Seemingly, I had taken the attractive stranger by surprise. Then, our eyes met, and neither of us could look away. “You can call me John. You answered my ad in the Forbidden Taboo Sex section.” He stated. “Let me help you out of that” John continued. Without delay, he walked over and helped me out of my coat. I could feel his eyes moving over my body and lingering right around my erect nipples. Consequently, the smoldering heat from his eyes caused my nipples to tingle and pucker.

Reaching from behind me, John cupped my chin with his strong firm hand and whispered in my ear,  “From here on out, you will refer to me as Daddy, understood?”  “Yes.” I stammered. “Yes, what?” he questioned. “Yes, Daddy.” “That’s my good girl, now let’s take off those clothes, except for those fishnet stockings,” John ordered.


I wanted him to rip off the stockings and dive his tongue deep inside my cunt


His lips lingered on my neck as I slowly pulled my red lacey dress down from my shoulders. The horny stranger grew impatient, he lifted me and threw me on the bed. Next, he quickly removed what was left of my clothing, except for my fishnet stockings. “Nia.” His voice was rich as smoke on water. “Beg me to lick your pussy!” John growled low in his throat like an animal. “Please Daddy, lick my pussy!” I hissed.

My breasts ached for his touch and my pussy throbbed for his cock. Immediatley, his tongue found my pussy.  As he continued to savagely lick through the holes of the fishnet stockings. My body shivered with heat with every stroke of his tongue. Consequently, I wanted him to rip off the stockings and dive his tongue deep inside my cunt. Only, he knew what he was doing. Slowly he continued to torture me as if it was some kind of an Edging Cum Challenge .

“Please Daddy just fuck me!” I bellowed. “In due time princess”, he whispered. After he tortured me with his licks, he demanded I go sit on one of the chairs, reverse cowgirl style. In short, my stockings were drenched in between my legs. I felt dirty, yet I managed to do as I was told. There I sat, afraid to look back, like a child in time out, waiting for her punishment.

For fear of pissing the stranger off, I said nothing. I waited patiently when suddenly I felt John looming over me with his cell phone. He continued taking pictures of me, then he pulled me by my arm and pushed me back onto the bed. “Hang your head off the edge of the bed!” his voice was becoming more demanding. Yet, my pussy felt like a faucet at his harsh demands.


Are You ready for the Forbidden Taboo Sex you have been begging for?


Without delay, I did as I was told. John was stark naked and his enormous cock was staring right down at me. “Do as I say and open your fucking mouth!.” Next, he slid his thick and girthy cock right down my throat. ” After all, I always wanted a daughter to have her suck me off.  I can’t wait to lodge my cock inside of my little girl’s cunt!” He growled. “That’s right suck Daddy good, ah fuck you’re Daddy’s good girl!” he continued.

Once Daddy grew tired of his little girl sucking his cock, he withdrew his dick and visited my pussy. Slowly, he removed my now-drenched stockings. “Are you ready for Daddy to fuck you black and blue and give you the Forbidden Taboo Sex you’ve been begging for?” he whispered. “Yes, Daddy.” I obediently answered.

The night turned into morning, and there I lay. Someone drew the curtains open to make sure I would awake. Consequently, the sun burned right through my eyes. My lover was gone, and I was sore. Suddenly, I remembered I had to be downstairs, to meet my real father for the first time and his new wife. Despite the way I felt, I quickly showered and threw on the dress and heels from the night before.

Shortly after arriving downstairs in the restaurant, I heard my name. “Nia?”, It sounded oddly familiar. “Daddy?” I responded. There he stood, my one-night stand.  John smiled like the Cheshire cat, kissing my forehead and whispering in my ear, “What else would you call me?” .


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