There is only one rule to my Edging Cum Challenge

I have been thinking about you lately and all of the hot and taboo games we play. You know the ones ‘ when you are my daddy and I’m your naughty little girl, or what about when you watch me play with your dog on my hands and knees?’.  With this in mind, I have designed a perfect game for you, or let’s make it an Edging Cum Challenge.

To clarify, there is only one rule to my Edging Cum Challenge, and that is to do exactly what I tell you to, without question.   For one thing, I want you to imagine my warm oiled hands all over your cock,(can you feel me as your heart races with each stroke? Next,  I want you to keep jerking that cock, nice and firm, for me. … Now I’m adding a second rule to our little Edging Cum Challenge, you’re not allowed to cum until I say so…

Are you ready for our Edging Cum Challenge?

In other words, I’m going to tease and dismiss you from pleasuring yourself. There are so many ways that this could play out, consequently, I might get you right to the edge and destroy your orgasm.  Half of the fun will be working up to another perfect orgasm. Shall I suck your cock off? Only if it’s big enough, to feed my craving. Are you ready for our Edging Cum Challenge?

With this in mind, I might grind my soaking wet pussy against your face as your poor cock just lingers midair and untouched. Furthermore, the outcome will be the same.  In my Edging Cum Challenge you must agree to my one rule. Do exactly as I say.

Would you like to be a good boy for Mommy? With this in mind, let’s get started. Now, be a good boy and listen closely as I whisper my instructions.  Caress yourself over the fabric of your boxers.  On one hand, it feels so good that you don’t want to stop. On the other hand, this is Edging Cum Challenge. So continue working yourself up for Mommy.

We near the end of our Edging Cum Challenge

Let’s do this together and get yourself nice and hard for me, to where you’re practically bursting, right through the fabric of your boxers..  With this in mind, begin stroking your dick aggressively.  Now, can you feel the precum erupting from the head of your penis? Are you ready to take it one step further in our Edging Cum Challenge?

Now keep stroking your dick for me, I know you’re close…After all, you’re not allowed to cum just yet. Just imagine how entertaining this is for me, making me happy while you show such manly restraint in holding back your load. There is no time like the present to begin your release. With this in mind, continue Edging to no return. As we near the end of our Edging Cum Challenge, begin stroking vigorously as I count.

Five…. Continue holding.

Four… Feel the pressure.

Three …. It’s almost over..are you ready to give me your load?

Two…. Get ready to release..

One…. Explode!

That wasn’t so hard now was it?


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