Teen sex stories:  My husband has been caught with the babysitter!


I love making men horny with hot and sexy teen sex stories.  However, for me, naughty babysitter sex stories tend to be some of the hottest phone sex sessions I’ve experienced. Today’s naughty role-play will be about me being the sexy wife who catches you with your hands in the proverbial cookie jar. You have managed to allow our sexy teen babysitter to put you in a very compromising position. When I walk in to catch you, I decide to teach you both a lesson that you will never forget.

Teen sex stories:  How I caught you red-handed!

I had gotten an earlier flight home than expected.  I’d tried to call you and let you know to pick me up at the airport, but the phone went straight to voicemail.  Figuring it was late and you were probably sleeping, I decided to grab an Uber.  Making sure not to wake anyone; I tip-toed through the house.  Stopping in the kid’s room first, I peeked in on them and they were fast asleep.  I headed down the hall to the bedroom we shared, but there was no sign of you.  So, I slip in the shower and put on one of the many sexy lingerie sets that you’ve purchased for me.  Wanting to surprise you, I tip-toed down to your home office. Never in a million years did I think teen sex stories would be happening behind closed doors.

As I approached the door, I thought I heard sounds inside.  However, when I reached right outside the door, I heard your low moan, along with wet slurps. Curious, I yanked the door open to see what was going on.  To my surprise, there you were with your cock stroking the back of Tiffany’s, our teen babysitter’s throat.  When you finally notice me, you try pushing her mouth off your cock.  However, I grab the back of her head and push her throat even deeper on your cock. My emotions were all over the play; I was mad and turned on all at the same time.  My pussy was so wet, thinking of ways to use them for my own teen sex stories.

Now, it’s time for revenge!

It was hot the way she was sucking you off.  I waited until you were on the edge of orgasm before I yanked her wet mouth off your cock.  With one hand, I cleared everything off your desk and hopped on top of it. Still holding the hair of your young cock sucking babysitter in one hand, I remove my panties with the other.   Using her ponytail like a handle, I fucked her little face so good.  I used her wet tongue from my pussy to my ass hole until I was squirting in her mouth. Your cock was so fucking hard and you were so turned on.

Lesson:  This is was I do too little sluts!

After I cum, I let her know I am not finished with her yet.  I grab some lube from your desk and squeeze it all over her fingers.   I have her slide her wet fingers into my tight asshole. Your cock is dripping, watching her slender fingers slide and out of my ass.  I tell her to guide your hard cock into my asshole. You began to gently fuck my ass hole.  That tight little asshole makes you so excited that you squirt your cum right inside of it.  Like a true teen slut she shouldn’t wait to clean us both up.

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