Helping Create A TikTok Gray Sweatpants Challenge


Recently, I agreed to help out a few friends from college, create their TikTok content.  In short, it’s called the TikTok Gray Sweatpants Challenge. It’s important to realize that this is just a way for the guys to show off their dick prints and generate a greater fan base of college coeds and horny MILFS.

Nonetheless, I agreed to help.  After all, I got to see their dick prints up close and personal. With that being said, I was more than eager to help my hot college guy friends with their TikTok Gray Sweatpants Challenge.  Shortly, after I arrived, the guys began removing their clothes, right in front of me. Overall, this was a good thing. For a change, I was going to be the one doing the filming.

Despite my watching, not one of the guys hesitated when it came to removing their underwear and then slipping on a gray pair of sweatpants.  Neverthess the TikTok Gray Sweatpants Challenge, was to prove who had a bigger cock. Consequently, what it was proved to me, was that I had not even had so much of a good, Rough Finger Fuck in a long time.  Nonetheless, this did not stop my panties from becoming drenched.

I nearly forgot that this was not porn, but merely a TikTok Gray Sweatpants Challenge.

Once my well-endowed college mates had slipped into their gray sweatpants, I was to execute the recording. Not to mention, I was also the “fluffer”.  Next, I made my way to all of the guys. Hence, I made sure to not get in the way of the recording. Subsequently,  I then bent over in front of them.

Allowing each one of them to see my drenched panties from behind. To put it another way, I was the enticer.  Swaying my hips from side to side and giving them a show, but not before I slid my panties off.  Instantly, I could hear them grunting. Ultimately, I could tell that they were all turned on.

Next, I walked over to each one of them, (now allowing myself to be filmed.) I began to rub the head of two of their cocks simultaneously.  Right through their gray sweatpants. Subsequently, creating a bit of wetness that could be seen through the tip of their gray sweatpants.  Neverthess, I continued rubbing and jerking their girthy dicks. It’s important to realize that  I was becoming so turned on that I nearly forgot that this was not porn, but merely a TikTok Gray Sweatpants Challenge.

My Pussy Began to Throb with Excitement, as Hot Chills Infiltrated My Body

Suddenly, one of the jocks reached down and pulled my shirt right off of me. Instantly, my pussy began to throb with excitement, as hot chills infiltrated my body. At this point, I couldn’t care less about the TikTok Gray Sweatpants Challenge.  Hence, my pussy juices began to leak down the inside of one of my thighs. Finally, one of the challengers demanded I suck his cock through his sweatpants.

By the time I lowered my mouth to suck on his enormous cock through his gray pants, I could feel another of my college friends positioning himself right behind me. Next, he began to rub my pussy, with his cock. He had elected to leave his gray sweatpants on. In conclusion, the new TikTok Gray Sweatpants Challenge became a TikTok Gray Sweatpants Challenge PORN!. However… this is NOT how the story ends. *Smirk*

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