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This was such a hot night with the Dean. That’s right I found out just how naughty the Dean was. It all started Friday when he had sent out to my class for me to come to his office. The Dean looked mean, but I knew just how to deal with guys like that! This was about to get intense with this hot licking school girl ass sex.

Honestly, I had thought I was in trouble when I got into his office. So I was so nervous when I came into his office, He then told me to come in and shut the door, and have a seat. I thought for a second and tried to figure out what I was in there for. He then shuffled through his desk and then pulled out my panties. That’s right he had my dirty panties. See I leave my dirty panties everywhere around school. The Dean had been the one to find them this time.

Honestly, I had thought I was in so much trouble but instead of that, he pulled them to his nose. The Dean was getting my sweet fumes and had to have the real thing. He had explained that he found them in the gym and since they had Maddie on them he thought they were mine. If you don’t want to get into trouble, I would want to start a hot-licking schoolgirl ass. I am such an anal slut whore.

The Dean Then Stood Up And Told Me To Strip Off My Clothes


I had told him I had left them there just for him to find. That put a huge smile on his face. The Dean then stood up and told me to strip off my clothes. I then slowly pulled down my schoolgirl skirt and then my white top. As soon as I was naked he came right over to me. The Dean then got right on his knees and then grabbed ahold of my panties and sniffed my fumes again. He was mesmerized by my sweet nectar. Want to smell the real thing Dean I asked him. He then begged and pleaded with me to let him.

He was wanting this sweet teen pussy but instead, I made him be a dirty guy and eat this perfect ass. This licking schoolgirl ass would be epic. Next, I jumped on his desk with my back arched and my perfect ass perked up for this dean. I wanted that ass of mine to be level for ass-eating fun. After that, I then told the Dean to come over and be a good boy. Quickly,  I then had him dig his nose right into my sweet teen pussy. I told him to take a couple of big breaths in and smell this teen pussy.

I Couldn’t Help Myself I Wanted That Licking Schoolgirl Ass Sex So Bad


Guiding his head I pushed it to my tant and then my ass hole. As soon as I felt his breath on my ass hole. Quickly, I grabbed the back of the Dean’s head and smothered him in my ass juices. I told him to breathe and sniff my ass. The Dean was enjoying this hot teen play so much. I then grabbed at his face and told him to be a good Dean and eat my fucking ass.

He was super excited that he grabbed ahold of my ass cheeks and pulled them apart. He then sniffed that perfect ass one more time and dove his tongue into me. I was so turned on with ass play. I couldn’t help myself I wanted that licking schoolgirl ass sex so bad.

The more I grabbed his head the more of his tongue I would get. I loved how deep his warm teasing tongue went. He then pulled off my ass and went back to sniffing my schoolgirl ass. I then let him go to my teen pussy. The Dean was so excited getting to tongue both my holes. I let him make my juices ooze out of my teen pussy. After that, I then wanted him to give me that licking schoolgirl ass sex again.

This Hot-Licking Schoolgirl Ass Was Intense!


Soon he would have me cumming all over his face. This Dean knew just how to eat ass like a good fuck toy. I couldn’t wait for him to find my dirty panties again. This hot-licking schoolgirl ass was intense!

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