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Hazzah, you have found this secret message! Aren’t you a smart man. Have you ever wondered how phone sex came to be and why it’s still in business? Let’s take a walk back to the ’70s!

In 1977 Gloria Leonard took a position as the editor of High Society, a hardcore porn magazine. Gloria was already an established mainstream porn star and quickly became the figurehead for High Society. She came up with an idea to record her voice to inform the men’s magazine readers of upcoming articles. 

These recordings weren’t free, mind you. If you wanted to hear a sexy recording, you had to pay per minute. Can you guess how much it cost? Only .07 cents a minute!  Once the company saw how popular these recordings were, they had other special guests like centerfolds leave recordings as well. With over 500,000 callers a day who paid to hear a recording, Gloria suggested the company have live women take calls.

Additionally, men loved that they could call from the comfort and privacy of their homes. Gloria retired in 1984 and became an advocate/support for sex workers.  She passed away in 2014 from a stroke. 

Is phone sex still a thing?

Frequently, people seem surprised phone sex is still going strong. However, I’m astonished that people think it’s a thing of the past. With porn & cam sites being so accessible, how is there still a need for this platform? Keep in mind not all needs are met with those avenues. 

Albeit anyone who has called Phone Sex Kingdom could answer this burning question. For now, I’ll take the driver’s seat on answering that! While you can find any category of fetish porn online free or paid, it lacks something personal. Both the caller and operator can exist in any number of fantasies or scenarios, safely and discreetly without shame or prejudice.

Unlike porn, no matter what the call is about, intimacy is shared. Phone sex has no limits, no risk of STI’s, cheaper than an escort. Overall,  it’s less expensive than therapy if you want advice on how to spruce up your sex life or you need someone to talk to after a long hard day. Of course, porn has its place, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy it.

Regardless of what your needs are, phone sex is uniquely tailored to your needs. If you’re lonely, horny, in a relationship and wanna play it safe or have a burning secret, try phone sex! After all, you deserve a little fun while in the privacy of your home.

Lastly, I want to credit Stephanie Buck – from Timeline and Richard Leonard – from Chatline Guide as my research source.