Financial Domination

My little goddess began to use Financial Domination until she made us millionaires.  Using blackmail, manipulation, even her body. This could be considered part of her Office sex stories.

In my last position, my promotion from Regional Executive to Divisional President was, let’s say… accelerated by the sudden departure of the current incumbent, one Hank T.

He was an acutely well qualified and competent Manager who was sadly also morally bankrupt. Widely known on more than one occasion had been known to have sacked a female subordinate under dubious circumstances.

Darling Michelle delivered me his head on a plate rather unexpectedly at a cocktail party thrown in honor of the visiting Japanese Chairman of the Board, Oishi.

The black-tie affair and as the evening wore on and the saki flowed. I noticed Michelle seemed somewhat preoccupied.

And had spent a large portion of the evening watching Hank’s movements as he “worked the room”. At one stage I saw them deep in conversation, then when I next looked up they were nowhere to be seen.

Moments later I heard a scream

(unmistakably Michelle’s) then a male yell. And followed by a slapping sound, before she burst crying from the locked executive washroom. This, of course, brought the party to a standstill.

And as I rushed forward to embrace and comfort her. I saw my boss going by me, into the washroom to investigate. The door closed behind him and there were loud raised voices before Treadwell was escorted from the room by 3 Sumo-sized men.

After taking Michelle downstairs and being taken home in Oishi’s personal Rolls Royce, my shyly smiling mischievous minx confided that events unfolded something like this…

Financial Domination
Financial Domination

Michelle had been making outrageously flirtatious remarks to Hank (covertly) during the night.

Then after feeding Hank one whiskey after another (and feigning drunkness herself to him). She had volunteered that she was going to the ladies room to “powder her nose.”

And discretely squeezing his crotch

wondered if he’d like to join her? She also wondered idly “where she’d heard that the Exec Bathroom had lockable doors?”

Well, that was too much for old Hank and after waiting a (barely) decent moment. He headed off to follow her. After locking the main outer door, he found my little Michelle with her pert arse perched on the long marble vanity.

Back against the mirror, just as she extracted two fingers from her aromatic cunnie and sucked them clean. As he rushed forward, she expertly pivoted and slammed his arse up onto the ledge while dropping to her knees in front of him.

Her hands deftly undid the fly of his Tux trousers which dropped down over his elevated feet. And as they hit the floor, she reached in to free his rapidly inflating cock.

She drove her mouth down

and engulfed his cock warmly in her sweet mouth till her lips suckled at his balls. While she reached in to free her own ample breasts. And rubbed them lewdly along the sides of his cock as she tongued and sucked at the head.

This had the desired effect and soon his cock was turning purple in its engorgement and he was audibly whimpering with the desire to shoot his load in, on or over her.

She stood and began to unbutton the front of his frilled front shirt to expose his (now puffed up) chest. She smiled sweetly at Hank. His cock and balls now resting (symbolically) in her soft, warm, feminine hands. And (I would give half of my first years President’s bonus which is in itself a seven-figure amount, to have seen the look on Hank’s face at this point) then without explanation, Michelle did the following things in quick succession:

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Financial Domination
Financial Domination

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