Office sex stories

I went to his office knowing that it may not end in one of my office sex stories. Dressed in my flowing dress, no bra. David had been so neglectful. Lately, I understood work needs but was determined to beg for an erotic girlfriend experience. Bold as I could be, I walked into his office. I walked right up to his side at his desk. And dropped to my knees, bowed my head, and opened my mouth. But before I could say anything, David said.

“Stand up Kitten”

As soon as I got to my feet, David pushed me back against the window overlooking the city below. There was brutality in the way he forced me back till my ass was resting on one of the small bookcases that came up just under the ledge.

It was somewhat surreal; I felt David lift my legs and put them over his shoulders as his cock slipped into my pussy with ease. My head thudded against the glass as he forced me back, I knew anybody in the adjacent office buildings could see one of my office sex stories if they looked. They would see me being fucked as David drove his dick deep inside me, lifting my hips as he thrust hard into me.

“That’s my good girl; I want your pussy nice and wet for me at all times!”

I could feel the bookcase rocking as David slammed his prick into me over and over. The head of his cock was penetrating me as nobody had ever taken me before. My hands locked on the edge of the wooden bookcase trying not to fall off the edge.

David grabbed for my ankles and spread my legs wide; I tried not to think about the other office buildings so close by and the fact that somebody could be watching us. That’s another one of my office sex stories. The force of David’s fucking was intense, and my hips ached from his brutal upward thrusts. My ass hopped off the smooth wood as his dick rammed home into my pussy again and again.

“That’s it, take it kitten.”

My head thudded against the window as David’s cock filled me. Then I could feel his prick start to twitch as he pushed my legs back harder and harder till the tips of my shoes banged against the window pane.

“That’s it, baby, oooooooooooohhhh my gggoooooddddd you’ve got one tight cunt!!!” Then I felt David’s warm cum explode into my pussy. My ears started ringing, and I couldn’t help but groan as I felt his cock piston into me, rubbing my clit with each deep thrust, filling my pussy with more and more of his thick sperm.

My back pressed hard against the window. David jerked his hips forward and pumped me full of his cum, his chest was against my breasts, crushing my tits between us.

“That’s it you’re my slut, milk my cock!”

David lifted my ass off the bookcase with one final violent movement of his hips. And I could feel his long prick filling me, the head of his cock snaking deep in my belly. My hands were shaking so hard I almost couldn’t hold myself up as I felt my body explode. I bit down hard on my lip trying not to cry out. But I know David could feel me cumming as he pressed his body hard against mine holding my ankles spread wide.

“That’s a good kitten.” I could hear David panting as his sweaty forehead pressed against my face. His hair was wet against my skin.

David pulled out of my pussy, so suddenly I couldn’t help but gasp in need. He let go of my ankles. He took hold of my hair forcing me to the ground before I knew what was happening. I felt his slimy dick smack against my forehead as his cum dribbled over my skin.

“Clean my kitten!” I couldn’t help but groan as David pushed the pulsing head of his cock in between my lips. Immediately his hips forward making me take him in my throat completely…

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Office Sex Stories
Office Sex Stories

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