Erotic Girlfriend Experience

GFE? The Erotic Girlfriend Experience… with me is like…

Gazing longingly into the other’s eyes, seeing the love, the hidden natural desires of our flesh. A divine expression, spoken in silence, we embrace. Our breath quickens and hearts begin to race in anticipation. Too much of life takes away our time together. Now we will make up for all that has been lost. Passion and romance are on the bill of fare. Just the two of us in our starring roles as lovers. We undress, caress. Passion’s kisses are the start. Our kiss is like a melody on my lips, and with each touch, I can hear the lyrics of our soul and the smooth rhythm of our heart. Knowing I cannot quench this thirst or satisfy this hunger we share until

we come and fulfill this desire.

The anticipation for this long-awaited moment that fuels our desire so pleasurable, so enticing. You explore the nectar of my overwhelming passion with your fingers touching the essence of my womanhood as you explore our carnal sin. Breathing so heavy and so fast. Hearts pounding with anticipation surrendering to our wants and needs…. Hands and mouths exploring, reminiscing tenderly remembering the taste of your flesh as I feel the beading of your lust, the heat of your body. I feel my dampness against your growing need.

As your lips feast on my lust flavored skin. Your tongue…wide, flat and strong, dragged up over the sun-kissed skin of my shoulder, again and again. I whimpered. You show me the slow, deliberate and merciless path our night is to take. The goosebumps on my breasts, neck, and arms told him I approved.

I shivered. “Mine!” You growled.

“Yes. Oh please YES!” I whimpered voice trembles with submission, lips begging for a kiss, body hungry starving, and craving for his masterful love. Hearts ablaze, bodies inflamed, burning beyond our control.

You leaned down to explore my mouth, tasting my arousal and steal my breath away. “Always mine.” You state firmly as my knees go weak.

I feel the pulse between my legs at your awakening. Sliding myself down over your manhood. I engulf your desires. Slick silk on satin, moist with passion’s dew, surrounds your steel rod, rocking slowly, holding you close. Our bodies intertwined. Joined together as one body, one soul, one thought, wrapped in love… cries… the pleads

the sounds of pleasure

the cries of passion, of the, pleads, of sensitivity… Our heart…our body…our soul our heartbeat sync as one, I feel your heart beating in my body, the pounding in your manhood I hear your love echo with each wave. The rhythm of your life pulsing through the petals of my feminine flower. I cannot wait I begin a sensuous pace rocking and raising, I pull myself from your loins, in and out. Taking you full and deep, feeling your size.

Deliciously stretching to take everything you offer. Hearing those sweet sexy moans ripping from your core. My body dances and grinds to a rhythmic beat you pump and I pull. We slap hard our flesh bouncing in time to our beating hearts. Faster, still faster, deep and deeper feeling those waves of ecstasy begin to roll through the silence broken by cries of utter pleasure as we continue long, with me exploding over and over, stoking this intense fire within our soul…

You feel my plea and release splash against my spasming treasure.

Exhaling the sounds of pleasure, with the screams of satisfaction. We climax, merging our body & soul together as one.

I collapse to the side lost lonely trying to find my way back to the present. You lay there. Goosebumps on your skin slowly receding. I see your face as with deep breaths you come to earth. How you are flaccid, spent, the proof of our passion now dripping across his groin and thighs. You open your eyes with a melting smile.

Bursting with a light that fills my soul.

Giving life to my lonely heart as it provides warmth and comfort seeing your joy. You reach for me. Your touch so inspirational, nurturing with love. Bridging the distance between us. like a spell taunting my thoughts knowing this is our destination and journey. Here wrapped in each other.

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Erotic Girlfriend Experience
Erotic Girlfriend Experience

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