Dirty sex stories from my birthday.

I never thought that Dirty sex stories could be so clean. LOL BUT… I told you guys a couple of encounters that went on during my birthday celebration this year. Well here is a clean dirty sex story.

David hosted my celebration at his lake house on the lake. He invited 3 of my girlfriends Mary, Britney, and Karrie. Britney and Karrie are both college students. While Mary is closer to David’s age. The celebration lasted for 7 days and 8 nights. Every day there were multiple sexual adventures and encounters. One reason I love Phone Sex Kingdom is that I get to brag about everything in my sex life LOL. And it does not offend people.

I won’t go into TOO many details LOL not while journaling. But David’s lake house/ property is on a main channel, it slightly sticks further out. The water creates a smallish kind of cove to one side, where a stream feeds into the lake. The steam has a place near the mouth where it’s like a flood area. Slightly sunk in rocky bottomed but with a high area blocking it from the mainstream/lake.  As boys, he and his brother made it into a kind of giant shallow “fish tank” where they put crawfish or small fish. LOL, they were just 7-8 when they made a sleuth to bring in the fresh water. LOL MANY years later us ladies found their “fish tank” and we loved it on site.  Almost instantly we were all striping nude and set about making it ours.

It is perfect, like a natural bath big enough for all 5 of us.

It took an entire morning to gather all the twigs and small pokey things out. Then all afternoon to get the water settled after all the splashing and playing. It is under the edge of the overhanging woods and vines so we were protected from the sun. We built a narrow long rectangular fire pit next to the edge and gathered firewood. It was August after all so we made sure to clear plenty of space behind it. As evening fell we went in and got ready, a night on the town was in our plans. The next night right after sunset we brought our supplies down with us. We had candles to float on the water, snack size finger foods, a bunch of wine lol and a boom box with blues, jazz, and country c.d.’s. but also organic soap and lotion.

We lit the fire and kept it burning low.

Only then did we let David come join the party. When he saw us standing nude hip-deep in “our tub” he stopped. We had the fire burning behind us, he swears we were a vision he will never forget. The candles let him see enough of our front to see we each had a hand cupping a pussy or breast. We awaited him. LOL, he dropped the towel from around his waist and came to us.

We each took turns being the sexual servant of the others.

Poor David had to do all the cock work himself. But to be honest I do not think he minded. We certainly did not. LOL One of the fun “games” we did was 3 of us ladies would support the 4th while she floated and David sat in the water eating pussy. LOL, it was so sensual and such Dirty sex stories just do not say enough… because when we realized that there was a large boat at the mouth of the stream anchored and watching…

We just continued to enjoy each other’s bodies for hours.

We took turns receiving the most sensual bath where we used our bodies and hair to wash the others. God, there was so much that happened that ONE evening. We were all so sore from that night we wound up staying in bed all the next day and night. Too much to write about in a blog… LOL, it would take a book to cover our Dirty sex stories adventure from each point of view in Adult Sex Stories

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Dirty sex stories
Dirty sex stories

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