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“My name is Lee”. I cradled Lee’s head to my neck feeling his cock slowly softening in my still throbbing pussy. Man, I loved the feel of our bodies calming with my legs wrapped around him. I was thinking about how I met Lee was truly an adult sex stories.

I was at a bar with my girlfriend Jackie when this guy sat down with us beside me. Trim, dark hair, blue eye and an infectious grin he was truly yummy. He was obviously military and drunk… and fighting pain. It showed in his eye. How his heart was breaking yet he was determined not to give in to it. He was so upbeat and energetic. He took my hand and kissed it locking eyes with me.

“I could not resist the temptation that is you”

LOL, I could not help myself. I leaned over and gently kissed his lips then said: “HI My name is Dawn.” He put his hand on the back of my neck pulling me up and near as we stood. Lee is only slightly taller than me. Keeping our eyes locked he put his other hand around my waist pulling me tight to his body. He walked me backward from the table to the dance floor. Eric church’s Wrecking Ball was playing. Our dance could ONLY be described as vertical foreplay. We never spoke just entwined our bodies rubbing sliding all over each other.

I could feel his cock growing as my pussy got more swollen and wet. We danced our way out to the patio. I do not know if Lee planned it but we wound up at a dark corner as the song ended. We were alone outside. Our bodies throbbed louder than the next song. I stepped back to the drink rail and sat on it. To be honest my legs were shaking so much I was afraid to try to stand alone. Lee stepped up to me and I spread my legs encouraging him closer. My skirt draped enough to cover my open exposed pussy.

 I never wear panties in a skirt.

He slid his hands up my thighs pushing my skirt higher. He fit at the perfect height to feel his cock through his shorts right against my naked pussy.  Lee pulled my hips tight against him as we shared our first full kiss. It started off gently yet passionate and turned my body to pure lust. I pushed him back a little reaching down into the elastic waist of his boating shorts freeing his cock. I angled it down towards my pussy lips.

“Please” I whispered I had to feel him in me

His gasp sucked the air from my mouth in surprise as he felt his cock head against my clit. He pulled my hips towards him as he pulled himself in tight. My slick pussy allowed his cock to slide straight in. Gods he felt so good, his cock stretching me, filling my pussy completely. I put one hand on the rail as I wrapped one leg around him.

The other leg I braced on a chair.

His arms wrapped around my waist his fingers digging into me. He thrust his cock with small abrupt motions. I pushed my pussy against him. We set found that perfect rhythm as we breathed each other’s air. Gasping our eyes locked I felt my orgasm hit like a tidal wave. The power of my orgasm caused me to sob and tears fill my eyes even as my pussy contracted tight trying to hold him in.

“Ah Please” I sobbed

He felt the liquid rush of my orgasm wash down his balls as he forced his cock in one last time. Lee looked so fierce almost anger as his orgasm hit him. His growl was one of a warriors triumph as he stabbed his cock in over and over.  Forcing my pussy to yield to his attaching desire as our combined cum was splashing onto my thighs and ass. I wrapped both legs around him as he tucked his face into my neck, my arms circled him holding him… Gods what perfect adult sex stories this will be I thought… as I heard him whisper… “My name is Lee” and that lead to a GFE sex stories.

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