Daddy Spanks Hard, But It Feels So Good! 

I’m going to be so honest my daddy spanks hard!  Yes, this is one of those real sex stories that still makes me squirm quite a bit.  I do admit, I was one bad girl in school.  The institution I attended used rather old-fashioned methods to punish their students.

To be honest, back then I didn’t care about staying under the radar.  At first, I mostly stayed to myself.  When I think back to that earlier time, I wonder if my teacher in question wanted to see me get in trouble.  Perhaps she was jealous of the students or maybe she wasn’t getting the attention she needed from her husband at home.  I will never forget her name. I will call her Mrs. Herman;  a cruel teacher who always seemed to be in a bad temper.

Mrs. Herman was not the sort of teacher who would give any verbal warnings.  She would call you up to the class and hit your hands with her ruler then send you to the office for further punishment.  Now, that I reflect on it she seemed quite excited when the ruler struck our hands.  I imagined Mrs. Herman’s pussy getting wet or her legs rubbing together under her desk as she plotted the next student she could humiliate.

So, what did I do to get in trouble?

So how did all of this lead to my daddy and how my daddy spanks hard?   If there is one thing a student should never do in Mrs. Herman’s class is to sleep or take a nap while she is teaching. On the contrary, Mrs. Herman was not having any of that in her classroom. She was so boring, I couldn’t help myself.  I’m sure all of us have slept in class at some time or another in our early school days.

The teacher’s shrill voice made me start.  Quickly I lifted my head.  After the swift strikes to my outstretched palms, I was sent to the principal’s office where I received a harsh lecture and spanking.  I was cringing inside because I knew when I got home I would receive another punishment in addition to the one I just received at school.  However, this punishment would be worse than what the school could do.

Thus, my worst fears were confirmed!

Trembling I tiptoed to my parents’ bedroom and timidly looked inside.  My daddy was on the bed, and he did not look happy at all.  As a rule, my father was a very happy guy.  My mother was usually the one who dealt out the spankings.  However, my mommy was away visiting family in another state.

Sternly, my father ordered me to come into the bedroom and shut the door.  We both knew why I was here.  Above all, I felt ashamed of disappointing my daddy.  I started to cry, but my dad was not going to yield today.  He ordered me to strip off my pants and panties.  Quickly I disrobed, instantly feeling the air on my bare bottom.  Swiftly he took me and bent me over his knees.  My daddy’s hands struck down on my bottom.  Smack, smack smack!  Alternating hands spanked my bare bottom.  I felt the tears in my eyes.  Kicking I fought hard not to cry.

Next, I was ordered to get on my hands and knees!

I did so without question hanging my head in shame.  The sound of my daddy’s belt moved through the air.  I felt the leather of my daddy’s belt whack my bare ass.  The sting was hot as the belt lashed my ass and pussy.  The pain was both harsh and somehow pleasant.  Warmth enveloped my genitals as the belt licked my areas.  Oh, I loved it when the spanking stopped.

Finally, my daddy took me in his arms.  His kisses made all the earlier trials and tribulations worth it.  Daddy kissed my face and lips, neck and shoulders.  He kissed all the sores away licking and kissing down my back and behind.  He rubbed my ass with lotion, making my ass feel cool.  The spanking from my daddy hurt so much but felt so amazing!

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