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Do you love real sex stories?  This will not be a saucy teacher sex stories tease, but even hotter.  I want to tell you about an incident that happened at school.  Naughty school girls are at the center of many an age play phone sex role play.  I went to a strict school growing up.  The school was not above punishing a student for misconduct.  I always wondered if the staff looked for students to make any little mistake.  Surely such a blunder would result in a punishment.

I remember that day I came to school, I wore an outfit that was a little short.  It was the day we were to read our English essays in front of the class.  When my name was called, I went to the front of the room to read my essay.  The teacher stopped me mid sentence and asked me to turn about to inspect my outfit.  Self consciously I turned about turning red.  The teacher told me to go to the principal’s office. Hanging my head, I left the classroom.

I entered the principal’s office.  She had an assistant with her.  The principal asked why I was there.  I explained the teacher sent me because of my outfit.  The assistant closed the door.  The principal started feeling my pockets in more than a casual way to check for objects I could use to lash out.  Satisfied my pockets were empty she told me to pull down my shorts and bend over her desk.  I could feel the cold wood of the principal’s desk.

What Is My Punishment?

The assistant opened a closet and took out a paddle.  The principal gripped the long wooden paddle.  She raised her hand and spanked me smartly on my exposed bum.  I could feel the sting.  The paddle struck again making me twitch underneath her manipulations.  Paddle was replaced by cool hands which caressed my bottom.  The sensation sent shivers down my legs and caused a stirring in my loins.  The principal crooned at me and told me she dreamed of the day when I would be in her office.

The principal’s paddle struck again causing that hot sting through my ass.  I  could tell my ass was very red!  Tears stung my eyes and I hung my head.  Since that wonderful day, I still have different vivid dreams about getting caught by a stern woman.  In the dream, the stern woman bends me over her kneed and dealt a hard spanking.


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