Teacher Sex Stories Have Been the Center of Many of Our Forbidden Taboo Fantasies!

Everyone can relate to sexy teacher sex stories.  Have you ever had a crush on a pretty teacher?  This story takes me back to my days in school as a younger girl.  Those were the days of friends, fun, and carefree romps outdoors.  Don’t get me wrong I spent a fair amount of time studying.  I learned my lessons well.

My studious work did not go unnoticed by my English teacher.  Oh boy did I have a major crush on him?  Those who love having fetish phone sex and hot teen phone sex can really appreciate how sexy the sexy situation I was in.  There were several things I loved about my English teacher.  He was intelligent, had a very hot voice, and smelled of the newest cologne.  I think it was more than that.  He just had a commanding presence.  When he looked at you, his eyes bore right into you.  Oh, his body is so tan and so toned.

A Grand Opportunity!

One day my teacher approached me and asked if I could stay after school.  Fearing, I was in trouble I went to the teacher’s office.  He asked me if I could help him grade some of his papers.  Relieved I agreed and sat down to help him.

This continued for some time.  On this day I went to his office to see if there were any papers to grade.  Smiling, he told me that he had no papers to grade but,  I could stay and talk while he worked on his lesson plan.  As we talked he worked.  Then he took a break and we continued to talk.  He held my hands from across the desk.  I could feel the electricity surge through my body.  He lifted my hands and started kissing them.  I could not believe it.  This was so taboo but I didn’t want this to end.

Sexy Extra Credit After School Learning?

The teacher came around the desk.  He was very close now.  His lips brushed against my neck.  I could feel my little pussy getting wet.  I sat on his desk.  He leaned into my body.  My resolve broke as I kissed him back.  He told me we could keep this secret and in return could give me all I ever wanted. He locked the office door and dimmed the lights.  Slowly his lips kissed up my legs.  The contact of his lips on my skin made my whole body quiver.  He lifted up my school uniform skirt and slid my panties gently down my legs.

He buried his face between my legs and started kissing my thighs.  His hands parted my legs and started licking my pussy lips.  His tongue found its way to my little button.  I abandoned all of my inhibitions and gave into his tongue-lashing.  My legs gripped his face as his expert tongue licked my swollen clit.  I thrashed upon his desk as I could feel my climax coming.  There are many more dark teen sex stories about this day.  I will share when we talk intimately.   My story was only the beginning of our hot sessions together.

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