Join Me While I Tell You One of My Hot Teen Sex Stories Where An Innocent Slumber Party Turns Wild!

It’s hard to imagine just one exciting evening but I’ll tell you one from my collection of hot teen sex stories.  My friend Caren invited me over to her house for a sleepover.  I was so excited to be invited!  Quickly, I packed my bags for a fun-filled evening.  I decided to wear my shorts blue top and sandals to the slumber party.  In my bag, I packed a change of clothes and pink PJs to wear to bed.

I know you horny guys are thinking hot lesbian phone sex.  This would be a sensational night I would never forget.  We had some nice snacks and played video games.  Soon we grew bored and did the customary things girls do gossip, play games, prank calls.  We decided to play truth or dare.

A lot of the girls decided to stick with the truth.  Finally, Becky said Dare!  I grew so excited.  She dared her to strip naked and hump the bedpost.  I held my breath and waited.  Becky took the dare!  She was a bouncy blonde with nice developing breasts with perky nipples.  When she removed her shorts I could see fine blond hairs on her pussy.  It was so mouth-wateringly delicious.

This Hot Girl Chose Dare!

She straddled the bedpost and started moving up and down on it half giggling but I think she started to enjoy the feel of the cold post on her pussy.  Her pussy looked moist as she started moving slower up and down and attempting to insert the knob of the post inside of her pussy.  The girls watched wide-eyed mouths hanging open.  Suddenly, three other girls stripped off their shorts and shirts and started to straddle my friend’s bed posts.  This taunting scene before me was indeed one of my wettest real sex stories!

We became hotter than college girls as the room heated up into sexy flames.  I couldn’t help myself.  I found my hands slipping under my panties and rubbing myself watching the scene unfold before me.  Becky screamed as she tossed her head back in orgasmic ecstasy.  The girls went wild at seeing her cum all over the bedpost.  I rocked against my fingers wetting them with my juices. The rest of the night was like no other slumber party I’ve ever been to and certainly one I’ll never forget.

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