Being daddy’s special age play accomplice is so much fun.

Daddy just loves it when I have play dates at the house. He buys me pretty dresses and even make-up to share with my friends. They don’t know it, but they’re in for a lot more than just cookies and dress-up when they come to our house. My favorite thing to do is to dress up like a pretty princess. Daddy says I look like the perfect little fuck dolly when I dress up like that. Being daddy’s special age play accomplice is so much fun.

We get to have a special tea and fancy cookies and then we put on a fashion show for my daddy. He just loves to watch us show off our tiny little bodies while we spin and turn for him. Of course, my friend has no idea that daddy slipped a little something extra special into her tea. He says it’s important cause some little girls aren’t used to having the sort of fun together that we do.

I just can’t imagine anyone not wanting to have fun with their daddy. Schoolgirl phone sex is so super hot! Once the tea starts to kick in I lay my friend down and pull her panties down for daddy. He really loves the sweet tight, untouched little cunnies where he gets to pop a cherry for the first time. It’s so hot opening up her legs and guiding daddy into her hairless little pussy.

Daddy loves it when I spread my legs open and he can lick my sweet little pussy juices up, while he fucks my friend’s little virgin cunny. He knows just the right spot to lick and he makes me squirt like crazy! Once he cums inside my friend’s pussy I get to lick daddy’s yummy juice right out of her. It’s so delicious!

The best part of all is that the special tea makes sure they don’t remember a thing once it wears off. Daddy says that I make the perfect age play phone sex accomplice, cause I look so sweet and innocent. No one ever suspects a thing and I get so many special presents from daddy when I bring him fresh meat.

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke