Take A Break As I Tell You A Sex Short Stories Teaser About A Driver’s Unforgettable Ride!

Everyone loves a tantalizing sex short stories read!  This story is just as steamy as my cheating sex stories blog I wrote about!  It’s a chance to put your feet up on the desk, have your moment, unwind, and forget the stress of the day, and who knows think about some twisted phone sex fun you could get into.  Read as I tell you a true taxi driver’s confession of lust while on the job and an unforgettable rider!  I met my male friend for an afternoon lunch. I’ve known my friend for some time but have not seen him in ages.  It was wonderful catching up with him.

Of course, during the course of our lunch, some kind of adult chat inevitably comes up.   Sitting back he told me the following sex short stories encounter.  I had just ended a lengthy marriage to a lady and was again on my own.  I decided to take on a job with a car service driving clients to their destinations.  Work was very steady especially to and from airports and meetings.  I met many semi-affluent clients.  Overall, I enjoyed my experiences.  The job was easy and paid decently.  It sure beat being at home feeling sorry for myself.

One day I picked up this amazingly stunning woman.  She had strawberry blonde hair and crystal blue eyes that seemed to read your very soul.  She was very enchanting and didn’t mind conversing during our ride together.  Usually, I let the client initiate conversation so as not to intrude on their ride.  This individual was very intelligent and happy.  Our next destination was a mall of all places.  She informed me her errand was going to be very short.  She had to return an item as it didn’t really meet her standards.  This charming lady asked if I would wait and she would reward me with a big tip.

Work And Fun Do Mix!

I didn’t have any other appointments, so I agreed to wait for her.  True to her word, she emerged a few minutes later and got back into the car.  As we talked I looked back and this stunning individual had lifted her beautiful top to reveal a set of gorgeous breasts.  Her smooth white mounds looked so delicious with pink nipples at their center.  I just wanted to bite down on them and taste her flesh.

My mouth was open as she laughed.  Then I realized where we were.  I frantically tried begging her to put her top down as we were still in public.  I didn’t have any tint on my windows.  She said she didn’t care if anyone saw her.  Her hands playfully caressed her hardening nipples just making this offer even more tempting.  I had to admit my cock was stirring in my pants.  The long months without sex were taking its toll.

While I drove her home, I started fantasizing about what I would do to her if I had the chance.  In my mind, I saw her slowly undressing me kissing me passionately overpowering me.  My hands caressed her slender waist kissing he shoulders and sampling her nipples as she fed them to my waiting mouth.  I wanted to taste her sweet pussy on my face, hear her moan in ecstasy as she rode my cock.  I wanted her to have her way with me.

So Exciting!

My sex short stories fantasy came to an end as we pulled up to her home.  My eyes took in the sprawling property and lovely home.  I felt sad this ride was coming to an end.  I got out of the car and opened her door. She extended her hand to me and our fingers caressed lightly, lingering for a moment.  The electricity of her touch sent a tingle down my groin.  She asked me if I was coming in.  I stopped short and looked in surprise.  You see this was not the first offer I had received.  I had been propositioned while I was still separated and was not in the right mindset at that time.  Nothing was stopping me now!


Again I saw this cunning vixen on the bed before me.  In my mind I envisioned my sex short stories fantasy, love scene, picturing her body soft and sweet.   My lusty fantasy pictured my throbbing cock thrusting into this young woman over and over again till she screamed her desire. Oh, the naughty things she had in store within the walls of her mansion.  Stirring, I came out of my reverie.  She tugged at my arm laughing and asked me if I was coming.  Oh I wasn’t cumming yet, but I was sure coming inside.  I got out of the car, locked up, and without looking back walked into the house behind this stunning woman.

What an incredible sex short stories journey ride!  Did this sex short stories teaser ramp you up for some hot phone sex?

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