Cheating Sex Stories And Weddings Always Go Together!  Read to Find Out What Happens!

Do you love hot cheating sex stories?  We all love dirty sex stories!  These stories are always great conversation icebreakers during adult chat conversations.  Well, sit a spell while I tell you what took place.  Every girl dreams about her wedding day and her wedding night.  She plans meticulously and hopes that the day will go smoothly.  My friend Wendy is married but it almost caused the wedding to never come to fruition.

Wendy had been saving herself for that special day and man.  I know strange right in a society that often loses that special gem before marriage.  I’m not here to tout right and wrong merely just tell you that indeed she was a virgin.  A few days before the wedding she decided to have lunch with one of her friends.  Her best friend was a guy.  Danny and Wendy had been friends since their younger school days.  Her family loved him.  Sometimes I think the family wished she had ended up with him.

So how is this relationship of two best friends lead to cheating sex stories?  Well, they met for brunch a few days before the wedding.  I believe that she had intended to get some stress off of her chest, enjoy company, and maybe find out if she was ready.  They met for lunch at a seafood restaurant on the dock.  It was one of her little out-of-the-way restaurants where she only went with Danny.  After lunch, they took a long walk on the beach.  Aaron, her fiance never took her for romantic walks anymore.  She loved the waves softly caressing the sand, the soft whoosh under her toes, she felt alive and carefree.

Their talk turned serious and she confided in her friend that she was afraid and wondered if she was making the right choice.  Danny reassured her she was just nervous and that this was all normal to feel before the big day.  She went back to his condo to have a drink and relax.   Once inside the condo, they sat close to one another on the couch.  I honestly believe it was only his intention to hug her for a moment and comfort her.  Wendy was in a moment of emotional weakness and leaned into his strong chest.

Danny’s breath caught as he held her warm body against his.  He kissed her forehead.  She snuggled up to him and lifted her face.  Their lips brushed softly in their first feathery light kiss.  Her body shivered at the fear of being found out and excitement all at once.  Hey, true stories though cheating sex stories, make for the best phone sex discussion.  Wendy’s resolve broke and the two started kissing in earnest.  All inhibitions were forgotten as kisses turned to nibbles, and caresses turned into heavy petting.

He guided Wendy to his room where he slowly undressed her out of her summer dress, bra, and pink panties which were wet by this time.  He kissed her passionately and made oral art upon her pussy sending her into a frantic state of bliss.  She lost control of all reason and care as she let her friend take her where Aaron refused to go.  Even if she never experienced this again she would remember this day forever.  During the course of their friendship, he always treated her like his Princess and went to great lengths financially, physically, and mentally to attend to all of her needs.  Now he was going to make love to her and give her the best experience of her life.

Danny wanted this for her but a selfish part of him wanted the satisfaction of taking her virginity.  He was at her sweet entrance coaxing his head in.  He kissed her softly and told her how special she was.  She closed her eyes.  She refused to look down at his large manhood but she knew this would be an incredible experience.  A jolt of momentary pain was soon replaced by pleasure and happiness as they moved as one entity.  Her mouth opened many times into that “O” we all know so well.

We now leave Wendy and Danny.  From above you can see her legs spread as he thrusts his long cock into her depths, her body shaking in electric jolts.  I open my eyes for a moment.  I know you would like to know what happened next in their cheating sex stories adventure.

Do you have any steamy cheating sex stories of your own?  I cannot wait for you to call me and we can role-play some hot cheating phone sex together!

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