Read My Dirty Sex Stories Excerpt About A Chance Hitchhiking Encounter Turned Sexy!

Do you love and crave dirty sex stories?  I sure do, the dirtier the better is my motto.  We all enjoy the fireside exchange of adult chat.  This story actually occurred to me in my early adulthood.  I had had a very busy day.  Appointments and errands occupied a great portion of my day.  I truly had intended on filling my gas tank but something always came up.

My sex short stories adventure takes place on a hot evening!  I knew it was a bad sign when my car gave a sputter and slowed down.  I got out of the car and hit the hood in frustration.  What was I going to do?  The sun was still out but not for long.  My only option was to find a gas station and get some help.  I didn’t have AAA back then.  I had walked some distance and I was tired.

A white truck pulled up.  The guy inside rolled down his window.  He asked me if I needed help.  Gratefully, I smiled up at him and explained my car ran out of gas.  He was staring at me, looking up and down.  Feeling uncomfortable, fidgeted.  I must of looked like some slut on the side of the road dressed in a short white skirt and blue shirt.  I’m sure I looked like one of those typical college girls overdressed for the occasion.  What can I say, I love skirts!

Would You Accept A Ride From A Stranger?

More tired than wary, I got into the front seat of his truck.  I told the man I just wanted to get to a gas station and get some help to get my car to fill my tank.  He seemed all too eager to help me.  The ride started off friendly, we conversed about general things.  Then I felt his hand on my legs brushing the material of my skirt.  I fidgeted in my seat.  He told me he could help me if I could spend some time with him.  He told me he lost his wife a few months ago and he was very lonely.  I really wanted to believe him.  I couldn’t even begin to imagine the pain he felt.  Maybe looking back he was probably looking for a hookup.

His hands went under my skirt as he explained he could be a very good friend and help a girl in need if I could help him.  His hands were driving me crazy.  He artfully maneuvered his fingers under my panties and found their moist center.  I couldn’t believe I was turned on by this experience!  My legs parted and I leaned back against the seat,  pushing against his hand.  He took my hand and placed it on his hard bulge.  I unzipped his pants slowly pulling his hard tool from its hiding place.  I leaned down and gently took his rod into my mouth.  My lips pulling and tugged at the hard mushroom bulb in my mouth.  The warm taste of salty precum coated my lips.

So Dirty But So Much Fun!

My head gently moved up and down, my tongue tracing the vein along the shaft of his hard package.  His body rocked against my face.  His hands grasped the steering wheel as he squeezed his hands open and shut.  Those of you who love dirty sex stories can appreciate this hot situation.  I was in what would normally be a scary situation but my lust took over.  I felt like such a slut.  He screamed out and started to push his cock deeper into my mouth and down the back of my throat.  My eyes watered as I fought to maintain control.  I wanted to taste his load, his climactic release.

What do you think you would do in my situation?  Would you like to share some of your dirty sex stories with me during some hot phone sex?

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