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Today started out normal enough. I woke up and got breakfast ready for my husband and set him off to work with a kiss and a smile. When I was sure that the old fart was gone, I showered, slid into my robe and went out to the pool for a little nude sunbathing before the LA heat made being outside unbearable. As I rubbed oil over my tits, I could feel eyes watching me from the other side of the fence. I didn’t have to look up to know that it was the young man next door trying to sneak a peek. After weeks of watching me for weeks, I decided that it was time to give the kid a taste and add more cheating sex stories to my growing arsenal.

“Instead of leering over the fence, why don’t you join me”, I yelled from my deck chair. A few minutes later I heard a tentative knock on my back gate. “Come in”, I yelled. Tentatively, Cisco walked into the backyard and towards my deck chair. As he walked towards me I could see the outline of his cock through his baggy basketball shorts. I told Cisco to have a seat and handed him a beer. I asked Cisco how he was enjoying college life and what his favorite parts of being at school were. As Cisco prattled on about life on the quad I handed him my sun tan lotion and told him to rub it on my legs.

As Cisco worked his way up to my thighs I spread my legs and let my hand rub against my pussy lips.

It was time for me to give the kid a show and get the cock that this lonely housewife craves. I spread my pussy lips apart and asked Cisco if he wanted a lick. The boy dove into my pussy sucking and licking at my dripping snatch. After eating my pussy, Cisco kissed his way up my body to my hard nipples. As he suckled he slid a finger into my cunt, making me shiver and moan. I pulled Cisco up to me and kissed him deeply. I loved the way my pussy tastes on his tongue. As we kiss, I reach into his basketball shorts and pull out his fat, throbbing cock.

I grabbed Cisco by the shaft of his cock and guided his mushroom head into my pussy. Cisco moaned as he pushed deeper and deeper into my cunt.As he pushed my legs up over his shoulders, Cisco confessed that he has been jerking off to the sight of me sunbathing in the nude since he was 12.

I smiled and tightened my pussy around his hard cock, determined to drain every drop of cum out of him.

Cisco pounded my wet pussy until I was raw and sore. Nothing makes a long summer day complete like a fat load of cum in my pussy. After Cisco filled my snatch with his load, I pushed his head between my legs to lick the creampie out of my pussy. When Cisco was done cleaning me, his face looked like a glazed donut. I handed Cisco a towel to wipe his face and sent him back home. When he was gone I showered and put dinner on for my adoring husband like a good little wife. Living in the suburbs can be boring as fuck, but creating cheating sex stories with the boy next door is a great way to keep myself occupied.

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