Read This Forced Sex Stories Excerpt About A Gripping Encounter That Occurred On Fourth of July!

Does the phrase forced sex stories BDSM sex stories or others instill a chill down your body, shame, perhaps a rush down your very core?  When I tell this story in casual or steamy hot phone sex conversations I get a lot of the prior listed reactions.  Sometimes I wonder if that fateful Fourth of July summer was a bad dream.

Ah, those lazy days of innocence playing outside with my friends, long summer days, no school.  My parents liked going to see the fireworks at the fairgrounds every Independence Day.  That day I wore what a lot of us liked to wear shorts, a shirt, and flip-flops.  My outfit seemed harmless enough.  Maybe it was the outfit that started the whole trouble.  The sun was setting and my parents had set out blankets for all of us to sit on the grass.  I told my mom I had to go to the bathroom.  My parents told me to go to the outhouse and then come back.

The outhouse was in the distance so my parents felt safe letting me go by myself.

I couldn’t shake the feeling someone was watching me, but I shrugged it off.  Quickly, I dashed into the outhouse holding my breath.  I disliked outhouses.  It was dark in there.  I was finishing up when I heard the door being opened roughly and a man peered in.  Embarrassed, I tried to cover myself.  He asked where my mom and daddy were.  My heart raced; I couldn’t speak.  He let himself in.  He was a pervy old man with yellow teeth and a shaggy face.  Hey, when you are my age everyone seems old.

His breath smelled of smoke and an adult beverage.  I shuddered as he stepped forward and touched my face with his dirty hands.  I shrank back.  He forcefully pulled my hair so I had to look at him.  He told me I was going to be a good bitch and do whatever he asked.  Sobbing, I nodded.   Those who live through any such forced sex stories can relate.  He pulled his cock out of his pants.  Back then I was so shy I only called it a pee pee.  He forced my mouth open and forced his cock into my mouth.  His hardness filled my mouth as he fucked my throat.  I fought to breathe.

He drew out and told me the excitement made him have to go to the bathroom.

In a firm voice, he told me to sit on the toilet like a good girl.  He shot jets of golden juice from his cock.  I could feel the warm jets hit my thigh and vagina.  He didn’t seem to care where he aimed.  I think the thought of his release onto my legs made him more excited.  He again forced my mouth open and made me clean his cock.  I could taste the better juice on my tongue.  When would this end?  Outside I could hear the crack of the fireworks, the cheers of the crowd.  No one would come looking for me.

He pulled me roughly by the hair and forced me to turn around and face away from him.  He pulled my shorts down roughly.  His hands started roughly caressing my ass.  My eyes closed, and my head hung in shame.  The events of this night still burn in my memory.  I closed my eyes to block out what would come next.

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