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Anal sex stories are somehow so dirty and hot all at the same time!  What a wonderful, but interesting dream I was having.  I was in a beautiful bed lined with silky sheets.  My husband was painting my entire body with a soft brush.  The methodical strokes along my breasts made my nipples grow instantly hard.  The brush continued its way down my belly to my sex.  My lips quivered in anticipation of the fun to follow!

My dream was rudely interrupted by the sound of the doorbell and a loud knock on the door.  No one was expected at the house today.  Groggily I opened my eyes and stepped out of bed.  Dawning my robe and slippers I headed for the door.  Sneaking a peek through the peek hole, I saw it was Bill a contractor that has been doing some renovating for us.  Billy smiled at me when I opened the door.

He closed the door and stood in the hall with me.  Smiling, I asked Bill what he was here for today. He stood and smiled at me and told me he was there to collect the payment I had promised him.  Cupping my mouth I realized I had not paid him.  I thought my husband had left a check for him on the table.  Upon inspection, I found no check.  The room seemed suddenly icy.  I crossed my arms in front of my chest, feeling suddenly vulnerable.

I pleaded with Bill to give me till the end of the day.

He looked very frustrated and told me he was tired of waiting.  He had been promised a payment for a while now.  I backed up, but Bill followed me.  I asked him what he wanted to do about it.  Smiling he put his hands on my slim shoulders.  He wanted payment of course!  I looked in horror as I saw him unzip his pants and take out his hard cock.  The horny contractor assertively pushed me down to my knees in front of him.

His hard cock slapped my face.  The head of his cock forced its way into my mouth.  I felt so dirty on my knees sucking his dirty cock.  He groaned as my lips wrapped around his cock.  Gagging and spitting I tried to take it all down my throat without choking.  Strong hands picked me up and placed me on my feet.  I was ordered to turn around.  My panties were swiftly torn off my hips.  The delicate material ripped easily under Bill’s fingers.

I grabbed the couch to keep steady as a hard monster cock was rubbed up and down my tight pussy.

Ignoring my protest, his cock only rubbed enough to wet the tip of his dick before sliding the head into my tight unsuspecting back door.  I screamed in surprise.  I pleaded for him to stop, to no avail.  Bill told me he was collecting payment.  His long rod plunged my tight ass.  The weight of his body pressed against my hips forcing me on my knees on the couch.  I felt so dirty but aroused at this breach of my most private of areas.  I cannot wait to tell you all about the rest of that afternoon!

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