Looking Back At My First Anal Sex Experience!

Do you remember your first discovery of anal sex?  We all do.  Some of us fondly remember this experience with fond euphoric feelings.  Others, maybe got a quick test crash drive into the backdoor.  Overall, I can look back and say I did have a good anal sex experience.  A boyfriend, not my first, had suggested a romantic weekend.  We had both been busy with classes, so I was all too happy for a little time away from the school.  I packed what I needed including a very cute lacy white lingerie to show Randy.

We had a nice hotel room with lovely balcony.  The thing I remembered about that weekend besides what I’m about to share is staying tucked away with Randy all weekend having so much fun.  On our first night, he laid me down on the bed.  Slowly he started kissing my body, slowly caressing me with his hands and mouth.  I was enjoying the attention over every part of my body.  Randy produced some paintbrushes.  I was very curious about them.  He started to explore my body, brushing very gently as if he were painting a beautiful masterpiece.  My skin became dotted with tiny goosebumps.

He circled my mound with the brushes.

When I was close to climax he licked me over the edge into sweet bliss.  The night was just beginning.  Randy turned me over and started to apply massage oil along my shoulders, down my back, and all down my body.  He took such loving care massaging sensuously down my beautiful fair skin.  If I had known Randy’s aim was anal sex, I may not have gone for the idea.  I had viewed this act as very taboo.  Randy’s fingers caressed the outside of my anus very gently.  My bottom seemed to tingle in response.  I was riveted to the bed in heat.

I felt like he was just teasing me.  Randy took his time, encouraging me to enjoy the moment.  His hands were soon replaced by his tongue.  I jumped at first surprised by his tongue slowly exploring my bottom.  His tongue delved my anus exploring with his playful tongue.  My ass seemed to contract squeezing his tongue.  I felt the sensations all the way through my pussy.  I was on fire with desire for more!  My hips pushed up against his face.  Randy slowly rose kneeling behind me and placed his cock at the entrance of my tight hole.  The head slowly rubbed my flesh up and down.  I gently pushed back.  Randy playfully pulled back just out of reach.  I couldn’t stand the tease.

I needed to know what happened next.

I’m sure you’re probably wondering what happened next.  What I can tell you the night was an unforgettable time of pleasure and play.  I learned a lot about myself that night.  Let’s open some new doors together.


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