Oral One of My Favorite Oral Sex Stories Where I Gave My Friend A Blowjob In His Moving Car!

Let me tell you one of my favorite oral sex stories where I gave my friend a hot blowjob while he drove us around town.  Who doesn’t love fantastic oral sex?  It was shaping to be a plain boring evening.  My husband was working late and told me not to wait up for him.  I snuggled down on the couch ready to watch some Netflix when the phone rang.  My friend Tyler wanted to go out for dinner and kill the boredom.  I told him I would be ready in about half an hour.

Tyler picked me up in his pickup truck.  I sure hope I wasn’t overdressed.  I dawned on my white bikini cut panties, matching bra, a pink summer dress with a low cut, and cute sandals.  Tyler’s eyes slowly checked out my body.  He shook his head clearing his mind and started the truck.  Dinner was awesome as always.  We went to a seafood restaurant near the beach.  Tyler confided to me that he was having marital issues.  I listened as a good friend should and let him vent.  Every marriage has its ups and downs and we both agreed maybe it will clear up soon.  Tyler told me his wife rarely seems to be in the mood for sex.

Now the dirty stuff begins…

I understand how frustrating that can be.  We finished dinner, paid our bill, and left the restaurant.  We just decided to drive around and talk.  I consoled Tyler, my hand reaching across to brush his leg.  He glanced sideways at me checking me out as he did earlier.  I leaned over intending to put my head against him.  Our lips met in a semi-awkward kiss.  His lips sent tingles down my arms and nipples.  My lips grazed the side of his neck, leaving a trail of kisses along his skin.

My hands found their way to his pants and I slowly started to undo his fly.  I could feel how erect his cock was.  I smiled and pulled out his throbbing shaft.  He didn’t try to fight me and kept his eyes on the road. I scooted my body down and took his cock tenderly into my mouth.  He groaned and started rocking against my lips.  My tongue teased his head sliding slowly along its length.  I could taste the salty precum slowly dripping out of his juicy member.

Mmmmm the taste of cock!

He begged me not to stop.  I obliged by taking Tyler’s stiff prick into my wet mouth, wrapping my lips tightly around his dick.  He slowed the car down and pulled over.  What an incredible evening it was.  This was definitely one of my favorite oral sex stories because of how it all came about.  I bet you’re curious to know what happened next!

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