The Sweetest Chocolate Treat That Melts In Your Mouth And Pussy!

Do you enjoy a chocolate treat?  You never forget your first.  Definitely so much larger than a sissy cuckold cock.  Sweet and smooth, delightful down to the last drop, melts between the curve of your lips?  I’ll never forget that night.  I was excited that I would go on a school holiday.  My parents were coming to pick me up from the dorms and we would be off!

While packing one of my college friends came to see me before I headed out.  We were both feeling good, we conversed, and flirted.  Let’s just say our flirting led us to the bedroom.  She pushed me back on the bed and started kissing me passionately.  No time was wasted.  Her hands grasped my buttons and pulled off my pants and started licking my already wet pussy.  My hips rocked against her face.  I screamed out my pleasure.

Suddenly, we heard a noise at the dorm door.  The resident of the dorm looked in and said we forgot to shut the door.  Too embarrassed to talk I was devising what to say next.  He asked in a low voice if he could join us.  We nodded our approval.  Watching him undress was a site to behold.  His skin was dark and smooth.

He had dark hair, full lips, and yes a big beautiful chocolate treat between his legs.

My friend invited him to join us on the bed.  She took that chocolate treat in her mouth sucking hungrily.  It was amazing to see her take the whole shaft in her mouth.  Watching them together got my pussy flowing.  Breathless, he withdrew his cock and slid it into my wet pussy.  The length of that huge monster stretched the very limits of my wet depths.  Wrapping my legs around him I yielded to some of the best sex I had ever had.  The three of us had so much more fun that night that I would love to share with you.

Call me and let me tell you more about that delectable chocolate treat.  Don’t wait!  Sweet Phone Sex


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