Horny Frustrated Housewife Takes Charge to Get What She’s Been Missing From Her Sissy Cuckold Husband!

Let’s just face it, honey, we both know you’re a sissy cuckold.  The feeling of inadequacy in the bedroom is a big issue!  I’ve put up with the frustrating nights for way too long.  Well, that stops today!

I’ve been watching this guy at the gym for a while.  He is muscular all over.  I could smell the raw energy of his scent as he worked out.   My mouth waters when I watch him work out.  He is coming over to the house shortly.   Remember that pretty little bra and pantie set I bought for you?  Go and slip into that outfit like a good sissy cuckold.

The doorbell is ringing.  Please go answer the door.  The sissy returned with the gentleman from the gym.  The guy from the gym did not have a little dicks like my husband.  His name was Greg and he sported some nice pants, a shirt, and smelled marvelous.  I was ready to eat him up.  Greg walked right past my husband and took me in his arms.  My husband looked very embarrassed.

“Strip for us.  Show Greg why you’re so embarrassed to be seen at the gym.”

Blushing a deep red, my husband undressed to reveal his waxed smooth body and tiny clit.

Greg started to laugh and point mocking menacingly.

“This is why I need a real man in my life who can fuck me like a woman by a real man!”

Bowing his head he meekly asked if he could use his vibrator on his small clit while he watches me get taken by a real man.  Laughing, I granted him permission as the vibrator was going to be all he ever got from now on.  Greg kissed me passionately exploring my body with experienced intent.  That night was spent pleasuring me the way only a real man could.

Would you like to hear how the rest of the night went?  Call me baby and let’s recreate that night together. Phone Sex


Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke