Little Dicks Will Never Do The Trick!  Sexy Stacy Ready For Bigger Things!

Little dicks will never do the trick!   I’m preferential to chocolate treat myself!  Size definitely matters!  A day makes me think back to a date that I went on.  It was more of a blind date.  Believe it or not, I was quite socially awkward back then.  After much coaxing and cajoling, I reluctantly let my friend set me up on this date.  She led me to believe I would have a great time in more than one way.

My date showed up to take me to dinner.  What a surprise.  He was tall, muscular, and very handsome.  You’re probably thinking what’s wrong right?  Everything went swimmingly.  We had dinner, conversed, flirted.  Our closeness and lingering touches on one another’s hands spoke of interludes unspoken.  I was feeling good, confident, and ready to get laid!  I was enjoying the night but let’s be honest I was looking forward to getting fucked.

We went back to my apartment.  I shared the apartment with my roommate and her boyfriend.  When we got there my roommate’s boyfriend was the only one home.   I invited my date in.  We started making out on the couch while we had some alone time.  He hungrily kissed me, touching me softly.  His kisses were so soft.  I wanted him now!  My hands caressed his muscular chest and down his stomach.

Stopping to linger on the fly of his pants he stopped me.

Confused, I asked him what was wrong.  He blushed and leaned over and whispered to me that he had a small penis.  Laughing I told him he was probably being modest.  My expert fingers unzipped his fly and felt for what I was expecting to be an amazing package.  My jaw dropped in surprise.  Then my fingers made contact made contact with his weenie.  I started to laugh shakily.  He told me it was as large as it was going to get.

Peeling with laughter I doubled over.  I couldn’t believe this manly vision in front of me had nothing to offer me in the intimacy department.  My laughter brought my roommate’s boyfriend.  I explained to him the situation while my date hung his head in shame.  There was obviously going to be no fun with him tonight or ever!  Feeling frustrated I walked over to the other guy and asked him to unzip his pants.  Too stunned at the moment I reached for his fly and pulled out a juicy mouth-watering cock.

My date gaped looking at the much larger cock before him.  Can you imagine what happened next?  What delights would await me that night?

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