Dear Hungry Cuckold Husband,

The day we get married is the day your life begins!!!  You’ve been training for this lifestyle and I expect only the best from you.  When you say “I DO”  you are saying “I WILL” for the rest of your living life.  I expect you to worship every inch of my body. Especially after I’ve been fucked by your boss and friends. Do you think you can covet my magnificent body after I’ve been fucked by other men? How does that make you feel my Hungry Cuckold Husband?  Consequently, I bet the thought excites you. Watching as men have their way with me have you practically drooling. Hungry Cuckold Husband are you ready for an alternative lifestyle that will turn your world upside down? Nothing is better than me dominating you!!

All things considered, I bet you think you are worthy to have me all to yourself. (Wicked LiL Laugh) NOT!   It doesn’t world that way, at least NOT in my book.  I may be married to you on paper, but my body belongs to me. The only thing you deserve is watching and learning. Remember your Prime Task is to Live it – Learn it and Love it!!!  My World – My Rules!!  I clearly deserve only the biggest and best cock. Sure – I love you and I want to please you.

But, you are not man enough for me and you know this.


Furthermore, it drives you insane all the attention I get from men.  Look at me…that’s why you married me. ALL men want me and can’t wait to be near me.  Consequently your cock throbs at the very thought of them touching my beautiful body. In fact, you are not man enough to please me.  You seek out certain men to fuck me, as you watch and stroke your cock.

Are you prepared to take it to the next level?

In addition future Hungry Cuckold Husband it’s time for you to become actively involved in our kinky new lifestyle.  You don’t even give it a second thought.  You aim to please.  That’s right husband, I want you to explore the big hard cocks up close. Simultaneously sucking it deep into your mouth.  Imagine that dick slipping deep into my tight wet pussy, as you swallow that cock into your throat.

With this in mind move closer my husband, I want you to feed that huge cock deep into my hungry wet pussy. Don’t take your eyes away. Watch closely as I take all 9 inches deep and hard.   Over and above that the moans of pleasure escape from my lips, as your cock throbs with excitement.  Slowly his cock slips out of my pussy and into your mouth. I’m a Nymphomaniac in MORE ways than one!!  There’s nothing you won’t do to satisfy me.  You taste my juices and are hungry for more.  Besides a couple, more quick thrusts into your throat, and your mouth is filled with a load of cum.

I love you Future Hungry Cuckold Husband – the fun is only beginning.  Wait till we start attending fetish parties.

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I’m waiting for you…..and ONLY you!!!

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