It is almost dawn, and a mother and exhausted daughter arrive home from her first time at gloryhole!


At 5 am, a husband wakes up when he hears the bedroom open. His hot wife and teenage daughter are coming home after a night out. They were both invited to a lingerie party thrown by the wife’s sexy sister. Although his sister-in-law is always doing crazy shit, the naughty sisters have never included the daughter. With a devious smile on her face, the wife walks closer to the bed, and she is a freaking mess. She smells of sweat and cum. As the slutty wife gets into the bed, she confesses that their daughter had a new experience, her first time at gloryhole!

Of course, she must be joking, then he hears the shower, and he pictures his daughter washing off dried cum on her naked, tight body. Although he finds himself confused and angry, he is speechless. He wants to yell at her! It is one thing for the mature ladies to go and whore around, but to expose their daughter to the dirty backrooms at the adult video arcade! Wow, this was her first time at gloryhole. As the wife got into bed with her husband, she guided his hands to the large white cum stains on her black bra and panties. He kisses her whore mouth. Of course, he gets hard as she strokes his cock.

He questions her motives: Should the first time at gloryhole be a mommy/daughter experience?

The wife slowly strokes him and tells him that after the lingerie party, a few ladies wanted to check out a new line of vibrators. The only store open this late was the adult video arcade. The husband hung on her every word as the wife shared one of her daughter’s secrets. The teen didn’t like her vibrator and wanted to try a new one. Cool Mom happily promised to buy her a good one, one that would give her white hot orgasms. By now, Daddy was rock hard and oozing precum. Anxious for more details, he made his wife get to the juicy stuff and talk about her first time at gloryhole.

So the salacious details began, as dirty mom took her sexy daughter into a booth.

The daughter asked why there was a hole in the wall. Mom got down on her knees, and a big fat black cock came through the gloryhole. The husband asked if she sucked it, and the wife laughed and stroked him harder. The husband pictured his wife, wearing only her lingerie as their daughter watched her mom suck that big cock. The wife admitted that he came in her mouth, face, and chest. Once he came, the cock pulled away. Of course, the husband wanted to know what happened next. Did their sexy daughter suck cock next, during her first time at gloryhole?

The dirty mother continues sharing the messy details. With mom holding the girl’s hair, she sucked one cock after another. The wife isn’t sure of the exact number. Then, she put her mouth on his cock to demonstrate how the daughter sucked big black cocks. After that, the hot mom and daughter were in another room for a gangbang. The wife guides her husband’s hands into her panties. He finds her pussy is full of cum. He asks if his daughter is just like this, too. The wife confesses that their daughter has even more cum in her. The man goes down and eats out his wife’s pussy and ejaculates all over her.

After her first time at the gloryhole, the husband learns his daughter is a whore, just like his wife. The man feels cuckolded by his wife and daughter. Shameful but arousing! If you enjoy dirty cuckold stories, let’s have some great phonesex.

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