Panty Sniffing

My Fetish is Panty Sniffing and it started young. I’ve always had this serious thing for women’s’ underwear. Even as far back as grammar school, I loved to sit on the ground in the schoolyard to watch the girls jump rope and show off their frilly little panties, just for me.

I was always so jealous of my sisters!

They got such pretty, pink ruffled undies to wear while I was stuck with boring white BVD’s.  It was so unfair, I thought!

I loved the exciting feel of their lace and silky nylon dainties, so cool and silky and smooth to the touch. By age 12 I was trying on my sisters’ underwear. It made me tingle all over to dance in front of the mirror wearing a bra and panties.

It would get me so excited that I would get a huge hard-on.

And I would only be able to control myself for a few minutes. Before I had to masturbate wildly in front of my reflection. Soon I was hopelessly hooked on wearing my sisters’ underwear!

Panty Sniffing
Panty Sniffing

After school, I would rush right home for an afternoon of panty pleasures. Once I was sure no one was home. I bounded up the stairs to the bathroom and locked myself in. Then I would rifle the hamper and

dig out all the soiled panties my sisters had deposited.

I would hold the lovely undies over my face and bask in the delicious scents of the panty treats my unsuspecting sisters had left me.

Then I would jerk off wildly, lapping at the filthy crotch while sliding another pair of silky undies over my throbbing cock until I was ready to explode.  I wanted more

than anything to shoot my cum all over them!

It took all the will power I had to pull the panties away at the last possible second and come into a tissue to avoid leaving any telltale stains. I masturbated wildly until I exploded in the best orgasm I’d ever had.

From then on I became a confirmed panty snatcher.

No women’s hamper was safe when I was around. I stole from my friends’ sisters, and even their mothers if I found them attractive. But my absolute favorite opportunities for panty pilferage came on our visits to my beautiful Aunt Dawn,

Aunt Dawn knew she made me hot as hell. Just being close enough to bask in her lovely perfume made my head spin. When I could get to hers,

 I’d fondle them for a long time,

staring at the lovely lingerie confections. Especially if they were still warm and moist from Aunt Dawn’s sex.  Like when she had just taken them off!

I would get so hot I’d masturbate madly until my cock got red and sore and I couldn’t come anymore. I’d jerk off so much my cock was actually wearing away!

When it was all over I feel a terrible twinge of guilt.

After all, this woman was my Aunt!  How could I fantasize about such immoral, incestuous things?  What was wrong with me?  I felt horrible for the Aunt Incest thoughts I had. But that didn’t stop me from jerking off with Auntie’s panties, again and again, and again!

One afternoon I was up in my room fondling Aunt Dawn’s pretty panties when the doorbell rang. Not wanting to arouse suspicion, I threw my clothes on and went to answer it.

I opened the door and gasped a little.

There was Aunt Dawn herself, looking lovely as ever with a tight leather miniskirt, black fishnets with black patent spikes and a low-cut lace blouse that revealed her ample cleavage.

I looked down and tried not to stare at her lovely breasts. As she told me she needed to borrow a certain pair of pumps from my Mom for her date that night.  I told her Mom wasn’t home, and she replied she knew that but she’d called her at work and found out exactly where they were.

Aunt Dawn walked right in and went up to Mom’s bedroom. I followed close behind. Trying not to look obvious as

 I tried to peek up her skirt when she walked up the stairs.

She sashayed right into the closet and got the shoes. But on her way out as she passed my room she stopped in her tracks and stared inside.

Aunt Dawn walked into the room to my bed. And my heart sank as she picked up the turquoise panties, I’d stolen only days before. She held them as she scowled at me and sneered, “…and what are THESE doing here,

you’re a filthy little Panty Sniffing pervert?

 You little panty snatcher, I wondered where these went!” All of a sudden, a look came over Aunt Dawn.

Panty Sniffing
Panty Sniffing

“…And I’ll just bet I know where my OTHER missing panties are too, Darling!  I want you to show me all the other panties you’ve stolen… right now!  …Or maybe I’ll just have to tell my sister what a disgusting Panty Sniffing pervert she has for a son!”

Aunt Dawn had me dead to rights and I knew it! I had no choice but to do as she said. I walked over to my closet and brought out the box where I kept my panty collection.

“Empty them out onto the bed,” she snarled.

I turned the box over and let the panty plunder fall onto my bed. I was suddenly surprised at how many I’d managed to accumulate in only a few months.

“Well Darling,” Aunt Dawn giggled as she surveyed my spoils, “that’s quite a collection you have there.  You certainly must have been a busy little panty snatcher…”

With that, Aunt Dawn began browsing through the panties and picking them up, with a little comment for each. I knew I was in a lot of trouble as Aunt Dawn rummaged through my panty collection. But I couldn’t take my eyes off the luscious turquoise panties she still held in her hand.

In spite of myself, I could feel my cock hardening

as Aunt Dawn held up each pair of lovely underpants. She looked at her turquoise panties then looked at me. A wicked smirk came over her face a she looked me up and down. “…And I’ll bet you love to WEAR them, too!  Don’t you, Darling?”

I hung my head and said nothing. “That’s what I thought.”  She tossed the bikini panties to me and said, “I want you to take off your clothes and put these on!  Model them for me, Darling.”

I tried to protest. “No.. I can’t… I couldn’t!”

“You will or I’ll tell your Mother what a perverted little Panty Sniffing pervert you are!  Now quit blubbering and put your little panties on.  You know you love it! You know you want to! Chop-chop Jeremy Darling, don’t keep me waiting!”

Aunt Dawn had me in her power,

but it felt strangely exciting. I turned around and stripped, sliding into the turquoise bikinis as fast as I could. As the silk began sliding across my cock, it immediately leaped to erection in spite of my predicament.

“Oh, Darling! You look positively scrumptious!

 Such milky white skin… such a lean body… and lovely legs! Oh, Darling, you’re perfect! Now walk across the room and give me a little turn… and be sure to wiggle the luscious little tush for me, Darling! Yes, that’s it. Sashay for me Jeremy Darling. That’s lovely.”

Aunt Dawn began breathing heavily, and I could tell the situation was getting her very excited indeed. But then she stopped staring at me and regained her composure.

“Now Darling, you’ve done as I’ve asked. What can I do for you? Hmmmmmm…  I know!

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