Aunt Incest

Aunt Incest
Aunt Incest

Why do I love Aunt phone sex? My Aunt Incest is almost an obsession because as far back as I could remember I always had a big crush on my Aunt Dawn.

My mom dropped me off at Aunt Dawn’s home. I was spending the weekend at her place to earn a little money and to get some chores done in her yard.

As mom drove away, I saw my aunt opened the door, I quickly went over to say hello. She looked amazing as always in her heels, stockings, and short skirts.

We of course hugged.

And when I went to kiss her on the cheek I “accidentally” caught the corner of her lips. I didn’t know if she took notice or not, but it was beautiful. I immediately felt the blood rushing to my cock.

“How’d you get to be so nice William. You are so sweet to be helping me out. You must have girls crawling all over you. You’re a handsome young man, and such a gentleman.” We walked in and sat on her couch.

“Yeah, I’m not that great Aunt Dawn. I am a virgin I’m single.

I can’t find that special girl. Maybe I set my standards too high. I want a real woman that’ll make my knees weak. Like you.” Did I really just say that I thought to myself.

“Oh, you’re too sweet. In any case, you’ll find her, but whatever you do, don’t you settle for less than what you’re looking for.”

I put my hand on her thigh started to sweat and I didn’t want to become obvious, so I pulled it away. She shifted and was saying that her feet hurt from her heels. So she put her legs up across my legs and rested them there.

“Why don’t you let me take these off and you can relax,” I said without thought.

I pulled them off. Next thing I knew, I was rubbing her feet. Where I got the guts to do this I didn’t know but I just went with my instincts.

“You don’t have to do that.” She said.

“No, that’s ok, you had a rough night, I want you to relax.”

“I don’t understand how you could not have a girlfriend you’re such an awesome young gentleman, why are you so good to me? Are you like this with all the girls?”

“Nah, I wouldn’t do this for just anyone you’re my aunt and I love you.”

We stayed like this for another five minutes or so. She laid there with her eyes closed and a smile on her face. I could tell it was really making her feel special.

Then she said she was going to change and get comfortable, then we could watch a movie. She sat up next to me and asked for a hug. And this time I took a chance and moved my hand up and down her thigh. She didn’t push me away and actually squeezed tighter.

 I started squeezing her leg

Aunt Incest
Aunt Incest

and moving my hand further up her thigh, she did not let go. I slid over closer and buried my face next to her head, and ever so lightly pressed my lips on her neck.

My heart was about to burst from my chest. To my shock, she held me tighter and slid closer to me. I could not stop myself and went for it.

 I was now kissing her neck while squeezing and caressing her stocking covered thigh. My cock was throbbing hard and all I wanted to do was put it in her pussy.

I went in for a real kiss. Our lips met, hers were like two soft pillows. There was no way I could stop now.

I parted my lips and used my tongue to lick her lips.

I tasted her lipstick and a chill ran through my body. Then I went for broke and pushed my tongue into her mouth.

She eagerly accepted it. We kissed hard, our tongues dancing with each other. I sucked her into my mouth and held it there. She let out a soft moan and put her hand on the back of my head pulling me closer to her.

I and pulled her top down and started to caress her tits and pinch her nipples hard. Her moans were increasing now. My cock was throbbing harder than ever.

All of a sudden, she got up grabbed my hand and lead me to the bedroom.

She quickly took off her shirt. Lord she had the most beautiful tits I have ever seen, and the first pair I’ve ever seen in real life.

She stood in front of me while I sat on the bed. I sucked on her nipples, twirling my tongue around them. She took her skirt down and let them fall to the floor. I told her to leave the stockings on and she said: “anything you want”.

She laid down on the bed completely naked except for her stockings. She had a shaved pussy. I could see that her pussy lips were spread and she was wet.

I ripped my clothes off and laid down beside her. Then I shoved my tongue in her mouth and put my hand right on her wet pussy.

“Tell me what to do, teach me how to please a beautiful woman,”

Aunt Incest
Aunt Incest

I asked of her. She guided my hand around her crotch from her swollen clit to her asshole. Showed me how to gently rub up and down on her clit. She released my hand and said.

“Now you try, sliding your fingers inside me. Move them in and out. Start slow then speed up.” I did just what she asked.

She was moaning loudly and moving her hips up and down on the bed. I thought to myself I must be doing it right. Just as my hand was starting to cramp she yelled out.


Then came out a spray of what I originally thought was pee. “Taste it, I think you’ll like it.” She told me while trying to catch her breath.

To my delight, I really like the taste. It was kind of sweet. I licked my fingers clean and even went back for seconds.

“I want you in me, I want you in me now,” She told me. “Climb on top of me and get in between my legs.

When I got into position she reached down and grabbed my 7in rock hard cock and guided inside her wet warm hole.

 “Oh my god, you’re thick.”

Aunt Incest
Aunt Incest

She said when I got all of me inside her. “Now move it in and out just like you did with your fingers. I’ll tell you when to speed up.”

The feeling was something that I never could have imagined. I had jerked off hundreds of times, but this was a whole other level.

Every nerve in my body was tingling. My balls and cock felt like they were gonna explode.  After a few minutes of slow thrusts, she said. “Speed up, go as fast and hard as you can.” She begged me.

 “Fuck me, fuck me. Fuck your aunt, make me cum. Cum in your aunt’s pussy,

 I know you always wanted this, I did too.” Her pussy was tightening around my cock then loosening up, this went back and forth. I was seconds away, my body was about to give out on me, but I never stopped.

She called out “Oh my god I’m gonna cum, don’t stop, fuck me, ram the hard cock in my pussy! Cum with me. I want to feel your hot cum in me!”

She screamed out with ecstasy as she came, and dug her nails in my back. I could feel her juices pouring out her pussy and past my cock.

I was scared of getting her pregnant so I pulled out and climbed on top of her chest. She opened her mouth.

I jerked my cock until I exploded.

The first stream landed right in her mouth. The next shot landed on her cheek. My last big blasted right in her mouth as well. I collapsed next to her. I never thought an orgasm could feel like that. But that was just the beginning of my Aunt incest of the weekend.

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