Sex Kitten

You want to know what it is like to have a Sex Kitten… You are sitting on the edge of the bed after your shower, I crawl up behind you, and you can feel my breath on the back of your neck. I wrap my arms and legs around you, whispering in your ear,

“I want to taste you.”

Feeling a moan escape from your throat and the vibrations tickle my lips as I start to nibble down your neck. You can feel my taut nipples running up and down your back. The stimulation is causing a reaction in both of us. I whisper

“it’s my turn to drive our night.”

You grin knowing it will be ultimately you who ends up driving, but you entertain me. I tell you to close your eyes and I grab a silk scarf of mine and gently tie it around your head so you can not see. Leaning you back onto the bed and slide off your boxers.

I take my tongue and lick and nibble up your one leg, to your inner thigh, across your sweet spots, and up your hardness. I let my tongue twirl and tease your tip. Running my lips down your length…

needing to get a small taste of your soul

before continuing my way up your chest and I slide my tongue deep inside your mouth.

I playfully bite your bottom lip and start giggling. You can feel me slip my silk gown off, and I reach under my pillows for a small artist paintbrush and some edible paint. I straddle your hips and

gently wiggle my flower over you.

I drip in desire and my scent becomes intoxicating. You feel so good, but I must wait. I dip my brush into the paint and dot your nose. You can smell the scent of strawberries and you start to ask what I am doing. But I hush you with my brush upon your lips. And tell you

“shhhhh,” and I lick the outline of your lips with the tip of my tongue.

I continue to paint a line swirling from one side of your neck down to the other….and around each of your nipples. You are not ticklish, but I can feel your sharp intake of breath as I continue to swirl the paint down your body with my paintbrush.

I use gently flowing strokes. At times barely touching you and other times you feel the pressure of each stroke. You are my canvas and I am painting you with my desires to reveal our masterpiece of passion. My lips at times are soft with kisses,

but you know how I love to bite gently.

I may be yours, but you are all mine. Marking you my way…I am after all, part kitten, part lioness. Your Sex Kitten

I circle your hardness with my brush and move it up to your tip. I giggle mischievously as I feel how sensitive you are with my light strokes. No longer can I control my hunger and need to taste you again.

I take you into my mouth and lift your hips into me.

I can feel your hands going through my hair and I see your head start to toss from side to side. After a few moments, I kiss and taste my way up your body, lingering around each nipple. I start sucking gently your neck and taking little bites while I start grinding my body against yours.

You let out a growl and tear off your blindfold.

And with one quick move, you are on top of me, grabbing my hands and holding my eyes prisoner. Your mouth comes done hard and demanding and I let out a soft moan. Your kiss becomes softer as your thirst for me starts to be quenched by my love. Slowly you kiss down my neck.

Sex Kitten
Sex Kitten

I love your tongue circling each nipple, teasing me, driving me mad with desire. And lust for you. I rub my body against your already hard rod and I grab you, caressing the length of it. I take a finger and run it over the top of your head, I know you love it by your moan of approval. Worshipping my breasts with your mouth, you run a finger across the smooth skin between my legs.

I am already so moist and hot for you,

you have that effect on me. I gasp as you slide a finger inside of me. I move my hips slowly enjoying your touch as you place your thumb on my button in unison with your finger still inside of me, making me need to surrender to you.

My breathing gets heavier and the soft gasps turn into moans.

I am getting close and need to hold on to you tight. My hands and fingernails rake your back, just as the first wave of sweet ecstasy comes, You cover my moan with a firm kiss.

You take your finger that was inside of me and outline my lips before kissing me again. The taste of myself lingering as you break away. The only thing I can say is “Yes, please.” I pull you down on top of me frantically and take you into my hands as I spread my legs. I look up into your beautiful eyes,

And guide you deep into me.

I want to memorize this feeling of complete bliss and love with you. With each of your thrusts, I move with you, and we become one. Grinding my hips into you while you plunge deep inside, I enjoy all you give me and you enjoy all I give you.

I can feel your breathing on my neck get faster and it coincides with each powerful thrust. I wrap my legs around you to pull you closer and once again our eyes lock together. Your body thrusts a few hard times as you let out a huge growl. Seeing you like this drives me insane and your inner beast puts me over the edge again. I give all of myself to you. I am yours.

You feel good, sound so sexy, and…

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Sex Kitten
Sex Kitten

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