Elvis Leg

Have you ever heard of a woman having an Elvis Leg? When men have extremely powerful orgasms they tend to roar. Hence the slang term “ Roargasm.”

When a woman has a stronger than a normal orgasm, she has a physical reaction. Especially in her legs. That is called an Elvis Leg. I can have them from daydreaming about my lover…

I think of you pulling me close to me. Holding my curved body tight.

You know I am yours. Your Sex Kitten I revel in the power of your presence to awaken such a raw soul passion inside of me. My eyes begin to plead and I whisper.

“What do you want, baby?”

You stare in silence as I step out of my blue dress. My skin a fleshy golden pink trimmed with white lace. I trust you with everything that I am. Leaning back and surrender my body to you.

I wait for your love words whispered back to me. I wait while you only stare into my eyes. You know how to possess me with your lustful gaze. There is no secret place, no shivering shame as you take me in your voyeuristic flame.

Our eyes meet and I match flame for flame.

My boldness is as unflinching as yours, as you take in every subtle curve of my satin smooth body. My dark hair cascades gently around my shoulders. And I give you the full view of my neat treasure trail between my inviting Stocking covered thighs. I can feel is your hot breath and fiery kisses against my neck.

 Our kisses building the heat inside of us as our hands caress one another. You pull me closer and place your hand on my waist. And let it move up and down my lines. The feeling of my body is getting you harder by the minute as I move my hand down to slowly massage your thigh.

I feel your eyes moving up and fastening on my twin roundness. I move a finger to my mouth and wet my finger before circling a nipple. Knowing your hands ache to embrace the beauty of my breasts. I asked softly,

 “Are you ready?”

Running your palms across my breast. As I get chill bumps and bite my lip. Now you feel my hands upon your chest. Softly caressing with each fingertip.

You taste my neck so sweet, so soft. Your mouth hungrily covers mine as you push your tongue into a sensual dance with me.

And slowly lower your kiss.

 Leaving me breathless, your tongue moves over my nipples, my deep rose buds that harden under your spell. Your lips burn as you move and tease each inch of my surrendered skin. Across my navel. And finally, in my pure bliss.

You ravage my soul and my trembling starts at the thought of your velvet tongue promising a nirvana of forbidden pleasure.

Elvis leg
Elvis leg

You look up at my face from below. As I arch my body and tilt back my head. My wishing fountain begins to flow. As I grab the sheets frantically on the bed as I start to Elvis leg. My innocent little angelic look. Leaves as I enjoy each sensation.

 Lip to lip, lapping up every drip.

From my well of life’s creation. The way I pull you up by the hair. To taste the heat of your mouth’s desire. No other thought, no other care. Just the quenching of our insatiable desire

As you enter me, I hear you moan and reach one hand up onto your chest and push against it as I feel you fill me. We begin making slow back and forth movements with one another.

Your every thrust causing me to push back at you.

And we can soon begin to hear the sounds of our bodies coming together with soft thumps as we begin to push harder against one another with every push. Let’s ride this tide of passion. It’s a perfect dance of you and I. On the waves of our love and lust. In slow motion, so genuine and true.

Pulse-pounding in resounding rapture. Taking us just to the edge at last. Rhythm growing faces glowing.

Our climax is coming fast.

You move your mouth down to kiss my breast and you hear me sigh as we pick up our pace even more. We‘re moving together as if we were made for each other and this is what we have always been meant to do.

As you continue to push into me you start to feel the burn starting to build down inside of you and you know your time is coming. You sense I feel it too as I begin to push back against you even harder in a frenzy of moans and groans and my arms wrap around my back.

That look of ecstasy in my eyes.

My surrender to you nearing. With the endless quivering of my thighs. My Elvis leg begins again. Your name echoes in my heavenly cries. The sultry look upon my face. In reaching my gyrating gush.

My arching back, my fingernails. My perfume mixed with your sweat. The way I keep Elvis leg rubbing against you. When my flower is already so wet

We were soon both ready and we grab hold of one another and let it come. You let your essence go deep into me as my own wave hits. And at that moment in time we feel as though we are alone in the world. That we fit perfectly together, which we do.

As we feel ourselves coming back down from the waves, you pull me into your arms and squeeze me in close to you. With my head on your chest, I move up and give you a soft kiss on your neck. You let out a sigh and close your eyes, content to have me here close to you.

You lay your head back down and you place a hand on my hip. This feels like our heaven that has fallen down to earth for only the two of us I know after your long day, you’re quite tired. And ready to fall face first into the floor. But I put my soft lips to your ear.

And whisper “Oh Sir, I want more.”

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