erotic journey

Making love is to tame a for the erotic journey we travel. With a fury to rival a tropical storm, we came together in a passionate kiss.  My hands went to his face, his arms around my waist. Sweeping me up, he walked with me in his embrace toward the carpet in the center of the room. As we reached it, he lowered me until my heels touched the floor.

Pulling reluctantly from the kiss he turned me around. He swept my hair to one side and as his hands began inching up the skirt of my dress. Alternately he sucked and nipped at my neck. His mouth moved to the top of my spine and then he began to lick downward, toward the tantalizing swell of my buttocks. As he reached his goal, he lightly pushed me over.

Gasping in surprise, I looked over my shoulder at him. My eyes widened as he spread my legs, kneeling behind me. With nothing on below the waist other than a stark white garter and hose, he said

“You make a delectable picture.”

My eyes flashed then slammed shut in pleasure as he blew lightly across my moistened thatch and pressed his lips and tongue against my heated skin. A stifled moan escaped my lips as his tongue lanced across my swelling clit.

Bringing his fingers up, he spread my lips open wider and plunged his tongue deep inside. My knees almost gave out and he placed his arm around my hips to steady me.  Sliding his thumb up to my burning clit, he began to stroke it in small, fast circles.  My pulse pounded in my throat and I swallowed convulsively.

I bit my lip as the rest of my body screamed out with my escalating orgasm.  The waves of passion crashed over me. And the pressure between my legs burst in a tidal wave of wet spasms. He held me up as I trembled and shook with the force of my orgasm.

As I re-oriented myself to the surroundings, he stood and unfastened the front of his trousers. Dropping them, along with his briefs, into a pile around his ankles he lay down on the carpet and pulled me atop him.

I growled at him as I lowered myself onto his torrid member.

My thighs locked around his hips in a viselike grip. My hands digging into his shoulders and his hands resting on my hips. I started to move up and down on him in a dance as old as time.

Slowly at first and then faster and harder I moved, my nipples puckering against the smooth fabric of my dress. The muscles in his thighs and ass tightened as he felt his release building. The revelry sounds from below, and the knowledge that we could be caught at any time, only heightened our passion. My breath started to come in shallow gasps. And it wasn’t long before the tenuous quiver of my voice joined the low groaning of his. Crashing over the edge, he drew me into the depths of the maelstrom with him.

When the room stopped spinning, I got to my feet. I tugged my skirt down, straightened my necklace and smoothed my hair, all the while you deftly slid back into you pants. I walked over to him and ran my hand through his short, black hair. Green eyes twinkled back at her. “Do you think you can make it thru the party now?” he asked

“Yes, I believe so… for the moment… But after the party…”

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