Swingers event

Have you ever been to a Swingers event? I love them. There is a group of ladies I call my Harem here in Arkansas that go to Memphis for their major events. And the Memphis Masquerade night arrived. The twelve of us clad in pasties and grass hula skirts, no panties. I felt at least slightly uncomfortable in this garb until the first drink of the evening began to take effect.

When I walked, I felt the roughness of the grass skirt brush up against me. The grass tickled my pussy.

I could feel myself begin to get wet.

The seductiveness of these outfits, soon to be seen by 500 people, was particularly apparent when I looked at my suitemates. The outline of each ass left little to the imagination and sometimes flashed when their skirts swayed. The color of each triangle could be seen through the breaks of grass.

I walked into my own room to touch-up my red painted lips. Now perfectly at home in my red pasties after numerous rum and cokes. I took out the lipstick and began to hum the song blasting in the other room.

Suddenly, I felt someone else’s presence.

 I looked up into the right into the face of a Dracula. I jumped back startled. His make-up was so expertly done, gray hollow eyes, black skeleton-like cheeks, black painted lips. He wore a long black cape that touched the floor. Nothing underneath.

“What a great costume,”

I said, still shaken by his sudden presence. I searched his face, attempting to discover his identity. His make-up was so wonderful that I literally had no idea. His only response was to pick me up in his strong arms and carry me over to my bed. He gently put me down and lowered his black lips upon me.

I tried to tell him that the door was open leading right to the packed party but he paid no attention. His mouth continued to learn of mine, his tongue darted toward mine, never uttering a word.

Swingers event
Swingers event

I began to feel tremendously hot from these seductive, passionate kisses. There was something incredibly seductive about the prospects of making love to the likes of Dracula, not knowing if he was good or evil.

As his black painted lips continued to cover mine, I felt his hand begin to circle my breast, first one then the other. Then he carefully removed my pasties which barely covered my nipples. Soon his lips are on my neck. My body shakes with an uncontrollable chill.

 Dracula exists only in fiction, or does he?

His tongue followed my cleavage. He began to stroke the outer contours of my breasts, gently lapping at my nipples, making them rock hard in his mouth. With one hand circling my breast, the other made its way to my slender waistline.

I felt the juices of my pussy begin to flow more intensely,

knowing that his strong hands would soon be exploring me. In one motion, Dracula picked me up and rested me perpendicular on the bed. He massaged my legs while, at the same time, pushed the curtain of my grass skirt to each side. My pussy is now completely bare.

My mysterious friend raises my legs into a V,

silently instructing me to grab onto them. He is so confident, so self-assured, that I reluctantly comply, conscious that any passerby will also see the most intimate regions of my pussy. Then I pull my legs to my breasts, I feel my pussy begin to open. I notice that for the first time, Dracula smiles as he witnesses my unbarring.

His fingers begin to dance on the tips of my shaven neither lips.

Starting at the top of my slit, his tongue gives my pussy long, gentle strokes that end at the crack of my ass. His finger massages my entry and soon is deep inside me. Black painted lips search for my clit, hard as it has ever been.

I am now the hottest Hula Dancer this side of Hawaii.

His agile arms turn me over on my hands and knees as he points my firm ass to the ceiling, facing towards the door. He teases my pussy with his rock-hard cock, from the top of my clit to my rosy asshole, in search of the hills and valleys at all points in between.

My lips glisten from my own wetness.

His cock rocks back and forth, in and out of my pussy lips then on to my ass. It is as though Dracula is testing, debating about which hole is ripe enough to enter.

Suddenly, I feel Dracula slide his way inside my pussy.

My muscles immediately tighten around him. I begin to scream in ecstasy now that his toy has finally found a home.

He enters me so slowly, going up only ever so slightly. He waits to feel my walls contract around him before he gives me more.

Dracula’s fingers stroke my ass still wet from my own juices.

A finger begins to penetrate my hole, causing me to climax on his cock inside. He fills me up then slowly withdraws to the point of almost pulling out. As he enters me again, my pussy and ass lock on to him, wishing that he would remain there forever.

Swingers event
Swingers event

Suddenly, he pulls away completely. “Dracula! Anyone can see me,” I whisper, silently wishing that someone would. But now his hot tongue is on my tiny asshole while he fucks my pussy with his finger. Waves of orgasm descend upon me again.

Dracula’s cock penetrates my ass this time.

 He has prepared me well so I readily let him in. He holds my hips and begins to fuck me frantically… His balls pound my pussy with vengeance. He is so hard… his fucking is wild! My body shakes from the power of him. I am crazy about him…  Now it is my fingers which vibrate my pussy. I come all over them as he fills my ass with all of his warmth.

Collapsing on my bed, never again to doubt the legend of Dracula.

I turn around to tell him so but he is gone, disappeared back into the swingers event. I stood on shaky legs, smiling ready to rejoin the swingers event myself. Thinking that this was as hot as any of my Office sex stories

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