Raped and Kidnapped, She was his Fuck Toy and she Liked it!

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She heard the steps behind her so she quickened her pace, the dark parking lot suddenly became very scary. Turning she looked but saw no one. Digging for her keys the woman raced to her vehicle hoping to get inside fast. Just as she was pushing the button to unlock the door a hand closed around her mouth. She was going to be Raped and Kidnapped.

Just as she thought it she was shoved into the backseat of her car. Her face was pushed hard against the leather seat and a large hand held her down. She squirmed and kicked but suddenly a sharp hit to the back of the head caused her head to spin and she felt like she would be sick. Her skirt flipped up and her panties ripped from her body. As her head began to clear she realized her attacker was thrusting at her pussy, then he was inside. She screamed again trying to turn and see who was raping her but another hit to the head left her unconscious.

She was wearing a gag!

Later she gained consciousness and realized she was tied naked to a bed in a dark room. She was wearing a gag so no use in screaming. Her arms were numb and hurting at the same time. She knew she must have been here for a while to have already lost the sensation in both limbs. Her fear was real she had been raped and kidnapped.

After some time, a man walked into the room. He was tall, broad and wearing a ski mask. His voice was deep and oddly comforting when he spoke. Sitting down on the bed beside her he calmed her by saying. As you see Becky I am wearing a mask so you don’t know what I look like. I am doing that because I intend to release you. If you cooperate with me and do everything I ask of you then you will be free to leave when I am done. Do you understand me? She nodded her head, she wanted to fill relief but her mind was replaying, cooperate and do everything I ask of you.

wrist and ankle shackles

He released the gag from her mouth and her arms. She sat with her legs drawn up and massaging her aching limbs. Looking around she saw that they were in a room that was most likely a basement. Screaming was not going to work it looked like. She started noticing other things around her like the wrist and ankle shackles scattered around the room. Because that is what you do when you rape and kidnap someone.

There was a small curtain in the corner. She realized that was a toilet and shower curtained off for privacy from the rest of the room. Suddenly she needed to pee. Clearing her throat and looking back at her captor who was staring intently studying her as she was studying the room. “I need to use the restroom, please” Her voice was timid and scared sounding. She wished she sounded braver. He smiled or so it would seem from his eyes since she could not see his face. Standing up he lifted her from the bed and stood her on her feet.

he seemed legitimately concerned

Her legs buckled under her. She was weak and hungry but mostly it was from the shock of everything. Before she could fall he swooped her up in his arms and carried her to the curtain. “Do you think you can stand now and manage on your own?” he asked with concern.

She nodded her head. This was almost romantic if it were not for the fact that this man had brutally raped her and kidnapped her against her will. Going pee knowing her was listening just a step away on the other side of the curtain was embarrassing but she was more concerned about the “cooperation he was talking about” to be too concerned.

She never saw his face and she never fought him. He did fuck her multiple times though. He took her whenever it pleased him. She was his fuck toy. To be honest, she was enjoying it. He was gentle and rough. In every position known to man, he wildly possessed her body. Even though he had raped and kidnapped her he also treated her as a girlfriend.

lock me up but treat me like a girlfriend

After several days she felt brave enough to ask him why he raped and kidnapped her. She instantly regretted the decision to ask.

He looked hard at her and she suddenly felt cold all over. “I did not hear you complaining when I gave you multiple orgasms earlier today,” he said with a coldness in his voice. She stood to walk to the bed because she had nowhere else to go. Suddenly, he shoved her from behind and she landed face down on the bed. He took her roughly again, pounding her asshole!

He was violently raping her asshole. His cock was tearing her tight little hole and he was not being gentle at all. She sobbed as he pushed her head deep into the mattress almost smothering her.

Raped and kidnapped

He grunted with each thrust faster and deeper with every stroke. Her ass was actually going numb from the onslaught when suddenly he stopped thrusting and cum really hard inside her asshole. Just as suddenly as he had entered her he pulled out. He left her and she was afraid to move so she remained face down on the bed with her ass up. Waiting she listened for the door to lock before walking to the shower. He had just raped and kidnapped her all over again.

The water was hot and she sat in it crying from deep in her soul. She was not his girlfriend he was, in fact, her prison guard and attacker. She just wanted to go home. How long will she be his fuck toy?

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