Skinny Dipping

One day after waking up, I go to the lake out back. The fog swirling around my nude body as the sun begins to rise. Skinny dipping to freshen up from the night before, diving in, going deep, swimming to the lake bed. The sun starting to shine as I swim upwards, threw several feet through the clear water. I can see Dawn on the shore.

There you are, always trying to be that one who stays in control. Never showing all the things that hide deep within your soul. Caging yourself. Making no moves that society does not accept. Say all the right things and showing that fake smile that hides who you are. Looking at me with a smile as you do. Smirking as you say

“Is your skinny dipping done? Ready for some morning coffee?”

But I prefer morning sex. I know what you think about, wanting my hands on your body. Thinking of me at night when alone while you use your hands on yourself. Wishing it was me bringing you to the edge, taking you to ecstasy. And when touching those private places, it’s my name in your mind as you climax. Wishing I was taking you to all the places you crave to go to.

“Well you look like you need help, you’re looking a bit chill Steve.”

Smiling I say “Never with you around.”

Walking out of the lake standing on the moss-covered rock. And moving my hands over your sides, your skin soft, warm to the touch.

That look in your eyes. That look that lets me know of you are in need. A need to be truly free, to be taken by me. I wonder if you are truly prepared to let it all go as I begin to kiss your cheek, your eyes. My hungry-eyed kitten is looking for our lust to be fulfilled. Wanting to be taken, wanting all those dirty things we so desire.

“Come here kitten and let me take you, let me give you what I know you need.” As I am kissing her neck, around under her chin.

“I’ll make all those naughty wishes of yours come true.”

I push her robe from her shoulders. And dropping it on the ground. As I continue kissing your cheek.

Skinny Dipping
Skinny Dipping

“I’ll take you to all those places you won’t admit you secretly want to go”

Then finally kissing her lips. I smiling you know we will not be having coffee yet. I feel her hands dig into my waist as we kiss deeper. Then laying down on the housecoat. I pull you on top of me.

“Yes, Steve oh Yes”

smiling as I feel your hips over mine, your pussy teasing my cock as it grinds on. As I lick your nipples, my hands crease your ass.

 I smile sucking your nipples hard, gripping your ass as my cock throbs.

And I feel your hand rubbing my balls. My shaft throbbing as your juicy slot slides over it.

As you slide down on my rod you’re gasping. Then you smile and we kiss deeper. I feel your hands on my shoulders as you start to move on my shaft. Feeling your pussy throbbing as you slide up and down. Your body telling me how you love sex in the morning. Trust me I noticed. I brought her to maybe eight to ten orgasms in quick succession.

 Pounding your pussy. I feel your cum running down on my balls as they slap your hot snatch.

“MMmmm yes, don’t stop make me cream all over your cock. I want it. NOW, I want all that cum deep inside me. I want to feel you explode deep inside me Steve. Give it to me.” I was glad to oblige and soon she is enjoying another series of orgasms. The sound of her wetness filled the air.

Skinny Dipping
Skinny Dipping

“Yes babe feeling you clenching my cock deep inside you feels so hot as I see you take all of me inside you Yes Dawn I love it love your

pussy so hot n wet as your pussy clenches”

 “MMmmm yes gonna pound you deep” As I am bucking you up and down. I feel your pussy smacking against my balls. Her hips thrust powerfully as I felt her cunt tighten As your smile, I am burying my face in your tits.

Once she got going, her orgasms were loud, powerful explosions. She often screams in unbridled ecstasy making me glad that the cabin is in a secluded location.

She tilted back her head and let out a scream of delight that seemed to shake the walls of heaven. Then, with helpless, grunting moans her body twitched in pleasure making her hump obscenely.

“Give it to me, give me your load!”

 Then I smile “Yes Dawn” two more long strokes and you feel my cock twitching as hot cream fills your pussy. She screamed another release. And then another. And yet another. She seemed totally consumed with pleasure. It was as if her body was bouncing from orgasm to orgasm while she just went along for the ride. She became nothing more than a quivering, screaming, twitching, grunting, and dripping mass of female sexual pleasure. It was exquisitely beautiful to watch.

“Oh God,” she gasped when she was done orgasming. “You are good, you are really, really good.”

“You like that?” I asked rhetorically.

“Oh yeah,” she said. “You know I do. There is nothing in the world that feels that good. Nothing! I love Public Sex

You just smile at me as you lay on me. My dick still hard inside you. I smile “Coffee?” ~Steven

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