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sensual torture orgasm

My Friend Paid Me Back With a Sensual Torture Orgasm

My Friend Finally Exacted a Sensual Torture Orgasm Afternoon With No End in Sigh...

Wrong Number Gone Right

Wrong Number Gone Right – His Misdial Leads to Our Extreme Pleasure

Oddly enough, this guy is a wrong number gone right. He is dialing a friend, but...

office parties

Wild Office Parties Are Total Breeding Grounds For Drunk Sex!

Big office parties can get out of hand, especially if there’s a large staf...

Thigh Fuck Humping

Thigh Fuck Humping ♕

Thigh Fuck Humping makes me so horny and wet for this big fat cock that belongs ...

Dana tells a good incest story

Incest Story; I Enjoyed Watching Him Stroke

It Was The Beginning Of A Hot Incest Story My mom got remarried when I was in my...

Hot Blonde Babe

Hot Blonde Babe: Why Us Blondes Have More Fun

Don’t You Love a Hot Blonde Babe? There is the old saying that blondes have mo...

Good Little Slave

My Good Little Slave Boy

Turning A Bad Boy Good It may sound cliche, but I’ve heard that someone ha...

Sexy Twisted Vixen Fun – Creating Ball Draining Orgasms With You ♕

Sexy Twisted Vixen Fun – Creating Ball Draining Orgasms With You! I would ...

8 months ago
Thrusting Butt Plug

Thrusting Butt Plug: My gift to my boyfriend

My boyfriend and the Thrusting Butt Plug My new boyfriend was very vanilla.  He...

naughty new year fun

Naughty New Year Fun

My plans for a sexy New Year’s Eve were a bit more limited this year with ...

erotic sex stories

Erotic Sex Stories – Come over the ebony goddess needs to Cum!

If erotic sex stories are what you’ve been craving and I promise not to di...

Sucking Off Santa

Sucking Off Santa: My Present Was A Mouthful Of Cum

Sucking off Santa – my new party trick!  Christmas is a big event in Engl...

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