I Needed Some Birthday Madness-Jerking Fun


I was so excited about my birthday this year! My friend Trinity got ahold of the whole football team and told them that it was my birthday and that I wanted to see them all! She told them that I needed some birthday madness-jerking fun! I couldn’t help myself, but always wanted something so dirty for my birthday! And this year would be no different!

I wanted to be covered and coated in cum for my birthday! As soon as I got home with Trinity she told me to go and put my new birthday suit on. But what I didn’t know was that Trinity would be playing with me while these guys jerked their cocks for us. It was going to be such a hot birthday! Quickly, I then ran to my room and got right into a black see-through robe. That’s all I wanted to wear for these studs.

This birthday madness jerking would be so freaking hot! Before too long, I heard the doorbell ring, and in came all the guys some with rode with other guys. They were here and ready for my birthday madness jerking. Trinity then guided them into the room where I was in the middle of the room. They all saw me standing there looking so cute with my thighs showing and a bit of my left nipple was poking out too.

Firstly, I Then Pulled At My Robe And Let It Drop To The Floor


That’s when she told the guys to circle me. Without hesitation, they gathered around me. There were so many hot guys here. They all surrounded me. After that, I then decided it was time for my birthday madness jerking to start. Firstly, I then pulled at my robe and let it drop to the floor. Gently, I then started to tease all these guys. I wrapped my hands around my sexy fit body gently touching my breasts and then slowly moving down. Next, I started to sway my hips and give them all a seductive dance.

Honestly, I could tell this was starting to turn all the guys on. I couldn’t help myself wanting to be nasty for my birthday. Next, I placed my hands on my clit and started to gently rub myself in front of Trinity and these studs. I rubbed and teased that clit getting myself wet for all these guys. Next, I dropped right to my knees and told the guys to come closer. They got closer and me and Trinty were in the middle of them. She then reached over and began to lick and suck on my nipples in front of these guys. Honestly, I could tell that made them turn on.

As her warm tongue licked and sucked my nipples the guys were starting to beg to pull out their hard cocks. I told them they could all drop their pants now for us. As soon as I said that without hesitation their pants all dropped down. This birthday madness jerking was getting so freaking intense now.

This Hot Birthday Madness-Jerking Would Be My Favorite Birthday Ever!


Trinity then leaned down and spit on my clit. She pushed me back where I was lying on the ground. She then drove her head right down and began to eat my pussy. This teen pussy was starting to glisten with how wet she was making me. That’s when I looked up and saw all those rock-hard cocks starting to touch parts of my body while they jerked their cocks for us. This hot birthday madness-jerking would be my favorite birthday ever!

Next, Trinity then placed her tongue right on my pussy. She then asked the guys if they wanted to taste me too. She then drove right back into my teen pussy and then started to eat it again. After getting all my juices all over her face she leaned over and said bring me your mouths. Two guys leaned over and began to kiss her sweet and sloppy. They were sharing my sweet nectar which was making my pussy wet as fuck.

They Would Blow For This Hot Birthday Madness-Jerking


This naughty birthday madness-jerking fun was hot as fuck now. all these guys were rock-hard and throbbing for my birthday! I loved guys getting this nasty with me. They all were so turned on when Trinty brought out the double-sided dildo for them to watch us fuck each other! Use this teasing dildo to please each other’s teen pussy. They would blow for this hot birthday madness-jerking.

Love intense and wild phone sex play? Come spend time with me on my birthday and say Birthday tease and get something extra naughty this week! You can’t lose with some fun!

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