I Thought About Some Wet Horse Joi Fun


This week I was at my friend’s house and was all alone with nothing to do until she and her mom got back. I started to think about how horny I was. Honestly, I couldn’t help myself, I wanted to get bad! Quickly,  I then started to shuffle through her drawers looking for something I could play with myself with. I was getting a bit confused did she not have any toys? I couldn’t find any. After that, I then thought of something extra dirty! I thought about some wet horse joi fun.

My friend had a horse outside. Why not go and have some hot naughty fun with him? I know that was extreme and nasty but I just couldn’t help myself. Quickly, I then went to the window and opened the blinds to see if the horse was out. I looked over to the barn and there was a black stallion horse. His fur was jet black and so smooth. Gently,  I then reached down and started to touch myself just thinking about this hot big horse cock.

Honestly, my panties were getting soaked just thinking about the huge cock of this horse. Not being able to resist myself, I then quickly ran down the stairs and right out the back door. I was ready to get extreme with a horse. I had never done this before but fuck I was so horny, I couldn’t help myself. After that, I ran out to the barn. Next, I then walked up to the horse and looked at him up and down. I just loved cocks I didn’t mind if I got to play with humans or animals; I just wanted to make them feel good.

I Then Got Right To His Huge Furry Black Balls


This extremely wet horse joi would get nasty and fast! I wanted to see that furry juicy horse cock so bad. Firstly,  I started to place my hands along his back and gently padded him. He was just letting me touch his nice soft fur. Gracefully, I then started to rub lower and lower on this horse. I then got right to his huge furry black balls. Gently, I started to rub and tease those furry balls. Honestly, I wanted to see the huge red rocket pop out of his fur. I then started to wonder how big this black stallion was.

That’s when it happened! This horse started to get hard from me teasing his balls. Next,  I watched intently as his red rocket started to slowly grow for me. That was getting me wet being at eye level with this stallion’s black cock. This red rocket was covered with his pre-cum as the cock pushed through that fur. As I softly started to rub more on his balls that cock just got bigger and bigger. This horse cock grew to 15 inches long and he still wasn’t all the way hard. Drooling, I then spit on this red rocket and watched as my hands moved to that horse cock.

This wet horse joi was about to get extreme. After that, I then started to slowly move my hands up and down that red rocket. Teasing and edging that horse cock. It was making that horse cock throbb for me. I couldn’t help myself, I needed that huge cock to get fully hard for me.

This Wild Wet Horse Jerking Was Extreme Now!


The horse was starting to feel good he was making so many sounds. This wild wet horse joi was making me so freaking wet! I was no longer just a doggie-playing slut but now an animal-playing one!

Why not bump up the speed and joi that red rocket? I watched as my hands moved up and down faster and faster. Quickly, I was now milking that horse’s cock. The more I teased the more that horse cock got harder. Honestly, I knew if I got drenched in his cum that would make me cum so big maybe even squirt for this horse cock. Quickly, I then laid back and pulled off my panties and then slowly got under this horse and began to jerk his red rocket with my clit lips. Gushing, I was already wet as fuck why not cum on this horse’s cock and get more extreme!

Swaying and humping my clit against this horse’s cock was making me so wet! I knew I could take a bit of that horse cock but not the whole thing that would stretch me. I wanted that horse cock to pre-cum on my clit then I would let him feel this teen pussy. This wild wet horse joi was extreme now!

This Wet Horse Joi Was Moving Turning Into Pussy Fucking


Up and down I ground my pussy against this red rocket. I wanted that horse cock so bad! Honestly, I was so horny and dripping that I couldn’t wait anymore for this wet horse jerking, I needed that cock now! After that, I then swayed my hips and pushed that horse cock head right into my tight pussy. The only thing I could fit was his horse cock head. This wet horse joi was mesmerizing and turning into pussy fucking.

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