A true brother sister sex story

It’s another hot brother sister sex story! Are you ready for the incestuous details? My brother was like a live in boyfriend. We have practically been fucking for as long as I can remember. Our parents never knew about the incest going on down the hall. I remember falling asleep and walking up to my brother wrapping my hand around his dick using it to jerk himself off. But that’s not the only thing he did, he would rub his cock on my cheeks and lips too. I always pretended to be asleep just to see what he was going to do to me next. After rubbing his cock all over my face he would use my hand to jerk off some more. He would literally do this for thirty minutes or so before I’d pretend wake up and we’d fuck.

I can still practically feel his cum dripping on my to my lips

While rubbing his cock on face I could feel cum dripping on me. This would really turn me on and was another reason I’d pretend to be asleep a little longer. As he grabbed onto my hand and wrapped it around his dick I could feel him throb and twitch in my hand. My pussy starts to get feeling my brother’s cock touch me. His fingers slipping inside my panties and inside my pussy, it was hard to pretend to I was sleeping at this point. I’d open my eyes just barely and see him lick his fingers after fingering me. I normally sleep on my stomach so when he’s ready to fuck me he gets behind me and fucks me doggy style. As his cock pushes inside me I pretend it wakes me up.

Once inside me I can’t say no

I can’t turn away a nice big cock even though it’s my brother’s cock. He thrust in deep before I can even say what’s going on. After his first deep thrust I start begging for it harder. Every time with him is a big orgasm, and I cum so much for him. Maybe my next brother sister sex story will be him fucking me in the ass. Now you have heard my incest sex story and I’m dying to hear yours. Want sexy brother sister incest then keep reading my blogs.. Or you can review my phonesex kingdom profile.