Celebrity sex stories that rock

Have you ever had a dream that felt so real that when you woke up you were damn I just want to go back to sleep and pick up where the dream left off. Okay yeah I had one. Being as it’s one of those celebrity sex stories it may be a little corny but a fantastic dream. My big celebrity crush is Bret Michaels, I know he’s old of enough to be my dad, but he can be my daddy any day. Did you ever see his rock of love series? He had hot babes constantly partying and even some threesome action. Totally my scene! I actually was watching the series on tv until I fell asleep and I think this is why I had this celebrity sex stories type of dream. I hope it picks up where it left off tonight.

It started with a few drinks Heather’s tits

In my dream Heather, Lacey and myself are in Brett’s room drinking. Bret has been staring at Heather’s huge tits and when we confront him Heather takes her top off. Because we all are drunk we don’t care in fact we are memorized at how huge they are ourselves. When I ask if I could touch she grabs my hands and put them on her tits. I look over at Bret and see he’s watching, then I grab Heather and kiss her while keeping my eyes on Bret. Of course from that moment on he doesn’t take his eyes off us. Lacey reaches for Bret’s cock, stroking him, as he watches Heather and I. We see his cock and it’s PERFECT. Nice length and perfect thickness. Lacey gives him a blow job while Heather pushes me back on the bed and licks my cunt.

Heather got me wet But it was now Bret’s turn

After watching us girls play Bret couldn’t fight it any longer and that’s when he joined in. Sliding his cock inside me it’s so perfect I cum right away. But he doesn’t stop he keeps pounding into me and it’s the best sex ever. After pulling out of me I whisper in his ear to fuck Heather and let me watch. If you know me well then you know how turned on I get watching two people fuck. He does what I asked and puts his cock into Heather which instantly she rides his dick like she’s a professional porn star. But then it’s Lacey’s turn and Bret still hasn’t blown his load. At this point I have already came a few times, once from Heather, twice from Bret and once from watching him fuck Heather.

After he fucks Lacey he grabs a hold of me once more and tell me he is saving his load for me then shoves his cock inside me and blows. But then I woke up, bummer. I woke up wet and so horny, and even disappointed that it was all a dream. Now I determined to find his leaked celebrity sex tape.

Whats your celebrity sex stories?

Everyone has a dream fantasy about fucking someone famous, Porn stars, rock stars, and even hot pop starts. It’s your turn to share your secret celebrity crush. As always don’t forget to check out all my true sex stories for more confessions. Want to learn how to have phone sex? View my profile and call me!

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