Farrah Abrahams sex tape Pathetic

Farrah Abrahams sex tapeBefore I dive into the all the things wrong with the Farrah Abrahams sex tape let me just express my utter disappointment. I assumed the teen mom stars’ sex tape would of been halfway decent. But really Farrah? You have the opportunity to fuck James Deen and thats the best you got?! Farrah, at one time before the surgeries, was a beautiful girl. She still isn’t bad looking I just prefer the old her. And that snobby I’m better than you attitude is kind of hot. A hot girl like that obviously has some sexual experience or so you’d think. If you haven’t seen the Farrah Abrahams sex tape and you want to don’t read unless you like spoilers. In the back ground is a stripper pole and in the chair sits James Deen watching as Farrah undresses.

Her smile is ear to ear maybe she excited to fuck James. They waste no time undressing and getting down and dirty.

James Deen A porn star I’d fuck

As for James he’s definitely in my list of porn stars to fuck. His eyes are so sexy and that cock is beautiful. As Farrah approaches she slides down to her knees and just when you think it’s getting to the good stuff, you find out Farrah sucks. Or at least she tried (haha). She opens her mouth and sucks on his head but that’s it. There were no special things she tried. If I had James in my bed I’d be it would of been the best cock sucking he ever had. After her pathetic attempts James grabs her head and fucks her face. She can’t even handle half of his dick in her mouth. The next scene James still sitting in the chair while Farrah, with her back facing him fucks his cock. The sex is still mediocre.

Move over Farrah let me show you how to make porn

What’s the good news Kelsey? Well Farrah knows how to dirty talk. But thats about all she knows. The last thing I saw this lame was the Paris Hilton Sex Tape. I think Farrah would do good to invite me to her next movie after all I know what I’m doing. It’d be easy for me to give her some blowjob techniques. She’ll have James squirming the next time she sucks his cock. If Farrah wants to rock a celebrity sex tape she needs to take advice from a pro. Sounds like an interest role play idea, we can teach Farrah a thing or two. But if you have seen and you loved it then great I’m just a biggest porn critic.

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