Who wouldn’t want to star in a celebrity sex tape

I have given this a lot of thought since my dream of being Bret Michaels rock of love and I want a celebrity sex tape staring myself with some famous hot guy. Even Paris Hilton has a sex tape and I would hardly call her famous. We all know mommy and daddy got her fame along with her small acting career. Nothing against Paris but did you see the sex tape? She’s not very active, in fact she is just bent over taking it, come on Paris at least fake an orgasm. I CAN DO BETTER! But if you want to see a really good porn watch the Kim Kardashian sex tape. She has an amazing ass and she can suck a cock. I had never really considered her attractive until I saw her on her knees deep throating a cock. Celebrity sex stories are hot!

Kim K knows how to fuck

But what really turned me on about Kim was how amazing her ass looked while she was bent over getting fucked. Me, I’m a sex god and my sex tapes are legendary. There is no one position or just bending over while some guy fucks me in doggy. I like many positions and I hate predictable sex. I’m not very quiet either. Maybe a famous guy will see this and pick me, who knows it could happen. I’m not holding my breath waiting around for guys like Bret Michaels, Channing Tatum, or Jamie Dornan to cum running but fingers are crossed. Until then I’ll keep dreaming! There are also a few girls I wouldn’t mind making a celebrity sex tape with like Marisa Tomei. Who wouldn’t want a piece of that!

A guy, girl, Or both

A threesome, now that would make a hot celebrity sex tape! A big beautiful rock hard cock and two hot girls fighting over it, um yes please. But I don’t know if there would be a fight because I love girls. New fantasy alert Marisa Tomei and Jamie Dornan with me in the middle. I’d beg to be in the that. I could fantasize about that all night. What celebrities do you keep in your spank bank? Adult chat and celebrity fantasies! Don’t forget to check out my phone sex kingdom profile.