Cheating sex stories

Cheating sex stories and secret confessions

I’m back to continue my cheating sex stories. Remember my lover with the really huge cock? Every since he fucked my friend he’s been a little whore. I guess I have no room to talk since I am cheating on my husband with him. But I don’t let my husband fuck me, he licks my pussy along with other things but his dick doesn’t go inside me. Then there are a few black cocks I like to fuck and maybe thats why he is getting even. Even though I still get jealous I still get turned on too. It’s funny, what started out as a revenge fuck has turned into a tease. This week he brought home Two girls, which he met while he was out. (Of course their barely legal) They were very HOT. But what he did after was very mean.

The Kinky Sex In the Bedroom

He brought us all in his bedroom, I was told to watch but I couldn’t touch. One at a time he calls them over and lays them across his lap for a spanking. Apparently, they LOVE spankings. As  he slaps them they moan and giggle in an adorable teasing way. Then one sits on his lap with her back against his chest while the other girl licks her pussy. When she squirms from the pleasure he holds her tight to keep her still. Now its his turn and they had him lay on the bed while they shared his cock. I was forced to watch the whole thing from the chair. As I watched them stroke him, lick him, and suck on his cock it was torture! I wasn’t even aloud to play with myself which was cruel. But when he slipped his dick inside the blonde he described in detail how she felt.

He fucked them both in front of me

He called their pussy the tightest pussy he had the pleasure of fucking. While he slammed into her tight teen pussy he teased me about knocking one of them up.  He fucked both of them while I watched. Still, I wasn’t aloud to touch myself. When he came he blew a load inside the brunette and I had to clean it out of her with my tongue. Which was kind of hot! I never thought he’d cheat on me with tight young teens but it was fun. Need to feed your cheating sex stories addiction? Read my other kinky sex stories or just call for live phone sex.

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