Every College girl has a secret

Secrets, everyone has at least one but the secret life of a college girl is little more naughty. Don’t buy into the scholarships or the mommy and daddy pay everything. On second thought daddy might be paying but he’s getting something out of it. If daddy isn’t getting anything then my money is on the sugar daddy. Either way sex sells and someone is buying. There is tuition, books, housing, shopping and etc. Unless she is a geeky college girl or some rich snob the money is coming from elsewhere. The best thing a college girl has going for her is between her legs. As women we already know this but in our college years we totally took advantage of it.

There were two things we knew to be true and one was men love pussy. Men also love college girl pussy, because its young, tight, and its not your wife’s. The second thing we knew to be true was older men would do anything to get it that includes paying for it. Because of what we know it puts men in a very dangerous place. Has your college girl started teasing with you yet? You probably don’t even know your under attack. Don’t you see? You have something she wants and she has something you want. The more money you put out the more she puts out. It’s a win win if you think about it. You get a hot college babe to fuck and she’ll dress to impress you with all the money you pay her. When is the last time your wife has dressed to impress?

College is the exploring years

Another fun fact about a college girl is she is looking to explore sexually during this time. Don’t you want to be the one who teaches that hot babe everything she knows? Be the man she needs and give her everything she needs.  Take advantage of that hot little college girl body. She’s no escort just simply a young girl trying to make her way in the world but needs your help. She might even bring a friend for you to enjoy. Or at least tease you on the sex cam with her college roommate! Curious to know if their exploring their bodies too? You know they are! College girls are always fun. I have a few personal college stories I’ll have to share with you.

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