Humiliatingly Small Penis


I was so ready for a night out on the town since It had been so long since I had a good dicking. Little did I know that I would be surprised with a humiliatingly small penis. I had already made up my mind that tonight, I was going to get laid one way or another. My dreams lately had been of those with huge thick ten-inch cocks. Waking from my dreams soaked in juices, I couldn’t take another day without getting my pussy railed hard and rode bareback. I am insatiable when it comes to a good deep fucking. 

The last thing I needed was a humiliatingly small penis. I begin to collect my things, looking hot as ever in my tight little black cocktail dress and high heels. I noticed him checking me out at the bar, and he approached me.

“Hi, I’m Gabe.” Gabe was a very attractive man in his 40s. I’m usually pretty good at sizing a man up, and tonight, I wanted to see what Gabe was packing in those jeans.

At The Hotel, I Learn That He Has A Humiliatingly Small Penis

My pussy was so fucking wet before we even got to the hotel room. The cab driver must have enjoyed the show we put on in the back seat of the taxi because he kept watching in the rearview mirror. Gabe had already made me cum once in the taxi with his fingers deep in my pussy.

When we made it to our room, all I wanted was for his huge fat cock. Imagine my surprise when he pulled out a humiliatingly small penis, TWO INCHES!!

“What the actual fuck?” I was wide-eyed and completely caught off guard.

“What??” Gabe said, embarrassed.

“You’ve got to be kidding me. That’s all you got? What is that?” To my surprise, Gabe’s little, tiny pecker was rock-hard and twitching.

“Oh? What do you mean? It’s my cock.” I could clearly tell Gabe was getting immensely turned on and humiliated by my surprise.

Humiliating His Tiny Dick

I couldn’t help myself and laughed my cute giggle. “It’s so small! Hang on, let me get a closer look.” I put on my glasses as if I needed a microscope to see it.

“Mmm..Is it that small? Do you think I can satisfy you with it?” Gabe continues to moan as I examine and play with his little penis.

“Ha! I don’t think I could feel you.” An idea came to me. “Here, put my panties on.” He looked shocked but willing to do as I commanded. “Aww…Now it looks like you have a little clitty in my panties.” I giggle.  “Mmm…it’s your little clitty now to do with as you please.”

He had a humiliatingly small penis and loved how I toyed with it and made fun of it. “Aww, you want to make that little dick cum? I want to play with it a little longer and make you wait. I know you love being told what to do

Teasing His Humiliatingly Small Penis

“I wanted a big cock tonight, and now I have your little dick to play with. I think next time, you should watch me fuck a real man’s cock.” Oh, the thought of me with another man sent him over the edge.

“Yes! Please! You do need a real man’s cock, not this pathetic loser’s dick. Please.”

I sat on Gabe’s face and started to fuck his face hard. I mean, if I can’t have a real cock tonight, I damn well will get off on his face. Cum poured out of my pussy at the thought of a huge cock fucking me while I rubbed his small dick. “Make that little dick cum! Make it squirt for me.” His humiliatingly small penis came so damn hard his nuts looked like shriveled-up raisins.

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