Being Told What To Do

As a phone sex operator, I get the excellent opportunity to explore many erotic pleasures. As many of you are aware, and for the ones who aren’t, I am a natural Domme. A Sensual Domme, to be more specific. What does that mean, you may ask? For instance, I love cock masturbation encouragement. I also have this keen ability to go deep into your mind and control you sensually. One of my favorite calls is when he likes being told what to do.

Sometimes I guide him with my voice or sometimes, in particular moments, I watch on cam and instruct. I love the power of not only your cock but your mind and body. To close your eyes and to hear me whispering into your ear as I instruct you on what to do. Here is the story of David, who loves being told what to do.

Close Your Eyes And Let Go

David comes to me to let go of his inhibitions and let the power of a seductive woman take control. He loves being told what to do while on cam with me. “Close your eyes, David, and follow my voice. I see you already have your hand down your pants. Good MM. It feels so good to rub your cock for me. I want to see you. Slowly pull those pants down and show me what you have for me, David.” He eagerly starts to pull them down. “Slowly David. Much slower. MM: There you go. Oh, look at that beautiful cock; it’s so hard for me, mm. Slowly start to masturbate it for me. You love being told what to do, don’t you?”

David feels himself falling deeper and deeper into a seductive trance. He feels vulnerable to the sound of my hypnotic voice, willing to do as much as he can for me. “You want to be my slave, don’t you? Of course,  you want to fall deeper and deeper for me and be my little pet.”

Being Told What To Do

Fortunately, being told what to do comes with you being willing to let go and giving full power over to me.  As soon as I say “Grab your balls, David, and give them a nice squeeze for me. MM, they’re nice and full today. You know I own that cock, don’t you. As long as you tell me that cock belongs to me.” At last, David lets out a moan. “Of course, Mistress Ariel, this cock does belong to you. You own me, Mistress Ariel. I’m willing to do anything for you and be your slave.” Of course, he was., because I have him wrapped around my little finger. He belongs to me, and I love my power over him. “Tell me that your my bitch, and keep stroking that cock.” I demand. “I’m your bitch Mistress Ariel. I’m even more your bitch boy, and you have control over me.”

Impressing Me

“The first thing to remember, you know what I want bitch boy. You know I want you to impress me with your cum load. Of course,  I want thick ropes of cum today because you will eat your cum for me, won’t you?” I can see where his cock is swollen and purple and ready to burst, but he does not dare to cum without my permission. “I love being told what to do, especially by you Mistress. Your slave will eat his own cum for you today. I won’t cum unless you tell me to since I’m your sex slave.”

Regardless of how he is feeling, teasing him more has me laughing at his struggles, and using him as my entertainment gives me great pleasure. “Aww, you want to cum, don’t you? Beg me! Beg me to let you cum slave!” I love taunting him.  Obviously, he started begging “Please, Mistress! Please allow me to cum for you. I beg you, I belong to only you. I love being told what to do. Please let me cum.” I let out a cute giggle and laugh. “Denied. Now let go of your cock you must wait a little longer. Maybe tomorrow I will let you cum.” *Giggle* Of course, he does what he’s told because he’s a good slave for me. “Thank you, Mistress, for denying me today. I don’t deserve to cum. Thank you.”

Do you like being told what to do? Of course, you do! Would you rather a sexy, seductive woman take control over you? You should call me and let’s have some fun.

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